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Saturday, August 13, 2005


We need to keep the issue ‘hot’ until the traitor is put on trial and then locked away. Meanwhile the wee Chickenhawk Bush Junta II Puppet Boy King is wondering where his popularity is going because he hasn't the “cojones” to stand up to an angry mom, some interesting stuff is happening ...

Did this man, who hides his Gay daughter away from the press, unintentionally shoot himself in the foot with using Wilson?

Official Portrait of Vice President Richard B. Cheney. 2005. White House photo by David Bohrer. This image is a work of an employee of the Executive Office of the President of the United States, taken or made during the course of the person's official duties. As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image is in the public domain. Side Issue in the Plame Case: Who Sent Her Spouse to Africa?
“... Over the past months, however, the CIA has maintained that Wilson was chosen for the trip by senior officials in the Directorate of Operations counterproliferation division (CPD) -- not by his wife -- largely because he had handled a similar agency inquiry in Niger in 1999. On that trip, Plame, who worked in that division, had suggested him because he was planning to go there, according to Wilson and the Senate committee report. <>The 2002 mission grew out of a request by Vice President Cheney on Feb. 12 for more information about a Defense Intelligence Agency report he had received that day, according to a 2004 report of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. An aide to Cheney would later say he did not realize at the time that this request would generate such a trip. ... ” (complete in link)

War foes intensify Tex. vigil
New York Daily News - 8 hours ago
President Bush got his first look yesterday at the anti-war protest growing outside his Texas ranch when, on his way to a fund-raiser, he drove by the vigil staged by a slain soldier's mother.
As Bush passes by, mom stays put Newsday
Soldier's mother keeps vigil outside Bush ranch
CBC News, Canada - Aug 12, 2005
The mother of a US soldier slain in Iraq continued to stand vigil Friday outside US President George W. Bush's ranch in Texas, waiting – with a growing ...

Among those wading through mud to place crosses near the president's
Texas ranch are, from left, Texan Marie Pugh and Californians Kathleen
Hernandez and Woody Hastings.

Bad Bush lied - US Troops died
When the Traitor Rove and his mouthpieces do go to trial for treason — the below is the “key”
At trial, the judge instructs the jury about these same elements. Parties can argue about whether the elements have been proved beyond a reasonable doubt, but neither side can add, delete, or modify the elements even slightly to suit their arguments.

Why can't you change the elements? Because they come from the exact wording of the statute. This then is what the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982 says:

"Whoever, having or having had authorized access to classified information that identifies a covert agent, intentionally discloses any information identifying such covert agent to any individual not authorized to received classified information, knowing that the information disclosed so identifies such covert agent and that the U.S. is taking affirmative measures to conceal such covert agent‘s intelligence relationship to the U.S. [shall be guilty of a crime]."

To figure out the elements that must be proved, you simply break this run-on sentence into subparts in the following manner:

A defendant must:

  1. have authorized access to classified information that identifies a covert agent;
  2. "intentionally disclose" the information;
  3. disclose it to one not authorized to receive classified information;
  4. know the information he is disclosing identifies the covert agent; and
  5. know that the U.S. is taking affirmative measures to conceal the covert agent's intelligence relationship to the United States.
BBC: Top US lobbyist accused of fraud Bye Bye Jack!

Jack Abramoff (born February 28, 1958), a long-time Washington insider whom Congressman Tom DeLay once referred to as one of his “closest and dearest friends,” has been a Republican lobbyist and fundraiser and was a Bush Pioneer. According to the College Republican National Committee (CRNC) web site, he was Senior Director of Government Affairs for the Greenberg Traurig law and lobbying firm [1] and was CRNC National Chairman from 198185. He is also a Director of the National Center for Public Policy Research.

Abramoff is a central figure in a series of political scandals linked to the Republican party. He is currently under investigation by grand juries in Washington D.C. for his involvement in the Abramoff-Reed Indian Gambling Scandal and by a grand jury in Guam over a separate matter. He was indicted on August 11, 2005 by a third grand jury in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for bank fraud arising out of an unrelated business deal. ... (More in link)


The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
AP: Pete Yost: What exactly did Rove tell the president?
“Among the many questions surrounding the investigation into who in the Bush administration leaked the name of an undercover CIA officer is whether President Bush's top political adviser told his boss the truth about his connection to the case.

Two years ago, the White House denied that Karl Rove played any role, but revelations in the past month have shown that Rove spoke with two journalists about the operative, Valerie Plame. Whether Bush knew the truth while the White House was issuing its denials is not publicly known.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan was so adamant in his denials in September 2003 that he told reporters the president knew that Rove wasn't involved in the leak.

"How does he know that?" a reporter asked, referring to the president.

"I'm not going to get into conversations that the president has with advisers or staff," McClellan replied.

Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald questioned Bush a year ago and the prosecutor's office has questioned Rove repeatedly, so presumably investigators know the answer to what, if anything, Rove told Bush.

Whether Rove shaded the truth with Bush two years ago is a potential political problem. The president so far has stood by Rove's side, even raising the bar for dismissing subordinates. Two years ago, Bush pledged to fire any leakers, but now he says he would fire anyone who committed a crime. ...” (complete in link)

External links:

Biographical data

Legal Links

  • An amicus brief filed by 36 news organizations asserting that "there exists ample evidence on the public record to cast serious doubt that a crime has been committed."


Media accounts

  • New York Times - 'Reporter Says He First Learned of C.I.A. Operative From Rove,' Lorne Manly and David Johnston (July 18, 2005)
  • - 'Drawing up Blueprints for Bush Victory', Rachel Clarke, BBC (November 6, 2004)
  • - 'The Controller: Karl Rove is working to get George Bush reelected, but he has bigger plans' (profile), Nicholas Lemann New Yorker (May 12, 2003)
  • - 'MSNBC Analyst and a Newsweek Reporter Say Karl Rove Named in Matt Cooper Documents', Greg Mitchell (July 2, 2005)
  • - 'White House 'Puzzled' Over Rove Flap', Fox News (June 24, 2005)
  • - 'Karl Rove The Architect' (documentary), PBS Frontline (April 12, 2005)
  • - 'Rove rejects charges he was CBS source', Stephen Dinan, Rowan Scarborough, Washington Times (July 2, 2005)
  • National Review - 'Lawyer: Cooper "Burned" Karl Rove' - Byron York.
  • Transcript from CNN interview with Joseph Wilson, where he states that "my wife was not a clandestine officer the day that Bob Novak blew her identity," causing much speculation about his intended meaning from both sides.
  • Washington Times - 'Rove Fight Escalates,' includes quotes from a former CIA agent who claims that Plame's 'nonofficial cover' did not qualify her as 'a covert agent'.
  • Star Tribune - 'The Plame blame: What do we know so far?' contains a recap of what is known to date (July 17, 2005)
  • National Review - 'Andrew C. McCarthy on Valerie Plame' - Links to an amicus brief and details Plame's name being outed by the CIA prior to Novak's article.
  • National Review - Mark R. Levin - 'Valerie's No Victim.'
  • Wall Street Journal - Staff - 'Memo Underscored Issue of Shielding Plame's Identity' - CIA memo at the center of the leak scandal was marked 'sensitive'

News compilations

Satire and blogs

Search compilations

  • - 'Karl Rove' (search engine category)
  • - 'Campaign Contribution Search' (Karl Rove's individual political campaign donations of $200 or more, since 1977)
  • - 'Karl Rove' (search engine category)
  • Karl Rove Sampler - 'What we know and when we knew it'

U.S. Government links

Senator Harry Reid's "Rove Clock" shows number of days, hours, minutes, sections without Republicans investigating CIA leak

White House media

Your ROVE TRUTH SQUAD Google News focus:
What exactly did Rove tell the president?
San Diego Union Tribune, United States - Aug 11, 2005
By Pete Yost. WASHINGTON – Among the many questions surrounding the investigation into who in the Bush administration leaked the ...
Editor, Index-Tribune:
Sonoma Index-Tribune, CA - 2 hours ago
Mounting evidence indicates that Karl Rove and other White House officials knew Valerie Plame was an undercover CIA agent yet they still revealed her identity ...
A war of words, FL - 18 hours ago
By Bill Cotterell. President Bush's inner circle will swiftly use top White House positions to run "a political smear campaign" against ...
Wilson details White House 'smear campaign', FL - Aug 11, 2005
By Bill Cotterell. Former ambassador Joseph Wilson, whose wife'S CIA cover was blown after he criticized Bush administration policy ...
Beneath the politics, a thinker
Kansas City Star, MO - Aug 11, 2005
If by some distant chance Bush adviser Karl Rove is pushed out of the White House by the Valerie Plame/CIA kerfuffle, it would come at the detriment of pro ...
Add Cindy Sheehan to the list. She too dared to stand up for the ...
BuzzFlash, IL - Aug 10, 2005
A patriotic American stands up for the truth, and Bush sends Karl Rove out to assassinate their character and pulverize their reputation.

Probe Poses Issue of What Rove Told Bush
Los Angeles Times, CA - Aug 11, 2005
By PETE YOST, Associated Press Writer. WASHINGTON -- Among the many questions surrounding the investigation into who in the Bush ...

So - Rove matters because it factors into the lies to rush to war - which is why the Downing Street Memo is key.

Bad Bush lied
US Troops died

Keep it simple for the zombies and Reagan Youth, Sparky

PS To make yourself ‘all so popular’ at social outings - never pass up a chance to remind people how Ronald Reagan 'bent over' for the Mafia in Hollywood in the 1950s and that he was a rapist. You get 'virtual gold stars' if you mention the Bloomingdale sex parties Nancy and Ronnie would go to in the '70s ...


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