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Friday, September 02, 2005


Taking a breather from all this marathon Yesstory, that the PP Guru has been spewing to glance upward to the real world for a change (with occasional glances at his neighbor once in a while) and wants to know the 411 on this all goth girl army who call themselves the Suicide Girls who do these burlesque riffs on Carmen Electra's Pussycat girls while performing punk rock.

The PP Guru does find the concept enticing, but since he's been blogging on Yes albums, he totally forgot about their commander-in-chief, Missy Suicide was signing their book and new DVD: Suicide Girls: the First Tour at Tower Records in West Hollywood last Tuesday night. Eight recruited devotees, Stormy, Sicily, Nixon, Reagan, London, Tegan, and Snow were also on hand to sign posters and dvds. The dvd is described as a unique mix of punk and burlesque of the first national tour that has made it such a hit with audiences. Beyond the stage performances there is a behind the scenes featurette of their life in a van going from city to city looking for new recruits.

Fuck, and the PP Guru thought the Kiss Army was bad enough.

However, any girl not wanting to be to made into roadkill waiting for that van to run over them can log on to and sign up to join or form their own club. You'll have to have a spectacular looking body and have tattooes over it to join as some of these volunteers willfully demonstrate:
Look, to each his own, but the PP Guru sees a red flag goes up and he wouldn't be too anixous to corner one of these darlings in going south on them. Tattoo girls usually are viral carriers of hepatitis C and the PP Guru doesn't like to wake up in the morning with sores on his mouth.

Also in theaters today: The Transporter 2 with Kate Nauta.
The Transporter was an action film released in 2002. It is directed by Louis Leterrier and Corey Yuen. It stars Jason Statham as Frank Martin, a "transporter", whose job it is to deliver packages without asking questions or allowing them to be asked of himself. When he breaks those rules for the sake of Lai (Shu Qi), he finds himself in more trouble than he'd like to have to deal with. A sequel, The Transporter 2 was released in 2005.
Kate Nauta and Jason Statham in 20th Century Fox's Transporter 2
Kate Nauta and Jason Statham in 20th Century Fox's Transporter 2 - 2005
Kate Nauta in 20th Century Fox's Transporter 2
Kate Nauta in 20th Century Fox's Transporter 2 - 2005
Kate Nauta and Jason Statham in 20th Century Fox's Transporter 2
Kate Nauta and Jason Statham in 20th Century Fox's Transporter 2 - 2005

The Transporter 2
is a 2005 film directed by Louis Leterrier and produced by - one of the many Sparky lookalikes - Luc Besson. It is the the sequel to the 2002 film, The Transporter.

Jason Statham stars as Frank Martin, a professional transporter who delivers package without question. This time, he chauffs a young boy when he was kidnapped. It is up to Frank to get him back. The movie is set in Miami, Florida.

Another testicle tying tirade as told to ~ Coat
PS - If ZPD weren't a happy expectant father - he'd make a play for Twinkle ... sigh

Suicide Girls

SuicideGirls logo - used on the website
and associated merchandise. The
company promises free lifetime
memberships to anyone who gets
the logo as a tattoo. -
Adult websites
Social networking

SuicideGirls is a website that features erotica and text profiles of goth, punk, and emo -styled young women who themselves are known as the "SuicideGirls". It also functions as an online community with member profiles and message boards, and features interviews with major figures in popular and alternative culture. Access to most of the site requires a paid membership. Many similarly themed websites have since appeared elsewhere on the world wide web. The term Alternaporn has been used within the media and on the internet to describe the style of erotica offered by this and similar websites.

Origin of the concept and term

The SuicideGirls website and concept was created by SG Services, Inc. company president "Sean Suicide" (Sean Suhl) and photographer "Missy Suicide" (Selena Mooney, a former girlfriend of Suhl's) in late 2001, and based in Portland, Oregon. In 2003, the site operations moved to Los Angeles, California. They perhaps facetiously claim they started the site "just to see hot punk rock girls naked." Missy has also stated that the purpose of the site is to give women control over how their sexuality is depicted. It has been reported that the site is privately co-owned by Steve Simitzis (server admin and SG user, "s5") and his wife Olivia Ball (site programmer and SuicideGirl, "Olivia"). Other partners include Peter Luttrell of, where Suhl holds the title of VP of Creative Services.

The term "suicide girl" is often credited to a usage by Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk, in his novel Survivor, though this has been denied by Sean, who claims to be unable to remember the source of the name. The use of "suicide" as a pun for those who "dyed by their own hand" (the source of the song title "Suicide Blonde" by INXS) may also have been relevant. As a trademark applied to the website, its models, and related merchandise and media, the term "SuicideGirls" is a single word, though this camel notation is often violated by external sources who split it into two words.

Website features

The website does not rely on model searches, but rather reviews international submissions at the rate of around 200 a week from women who want to become SuicideGirls. Originally, only one or two of these were typically accepted per week, though this eventually increased to one every day. The website presently features over six hundred SuicideGirls, each billed simply under a first name or one-word nickname. Most of the models have dyed hair, multiple piercings, and/or tattoos, in contrast to the often tanned, silicone-enhanced (though it should be noted that a small minority of the models on the site are so enhanced), bleached-blondes of stereotypical pornography. They are represented by nude photo shoots as well as self-written profiles and journal entries that they usually must keep updating in order to keep their images from being pulled from the site. It has been said that the SuicideGirls themselves have control over which images are included of them and how they are portrayed, and the photographs are generally intended both as an homage to classic pin-up art and a portrayal of alternative images of beauty. Some Suicidegirls have disagreed with the way their photos were used and have decided to leave the site where they are then added to the sites "Archive" girls. The Archive part of the site contains over 100 previously active Suicidegirls. One notable SuicideGirl is Zia McCabe, the keyboard player of The Dandy Warhols, who posted a set of nude photos on March 8, 2005 that were taken while she was pregnant.

In the interest of fairness, a SuicideBoys group was added as a subgroup to the site. The same SuicideGirls framework and aesthetic is applied to potential male models. Within the many member groups existing on the website, covering topics from specific people to regional notes, the over 4,500-member SuicideBoys is one of the most popular, along with the "potential model" group.

Suhl has claimed that 55 percent of the website's paid members are women (which would be atypical for an ordinary porn website), and that the nude photos rate less than 20 percent of the website's traffic. Members are often active in organizing meetings and events offline, and the company also sponsors many itself.

Media coverage and spinoffs

Positive reviews of the SuicideGirls site have been featured in Rolling Stone, Wired, The New Yorker and other mainstream magazines; it was also featured in an HBO Real Sex special and on Nightline. Rock musician Courtney Love is a member of the site, and frequently leaves "rambling, stream-of-consciousness posts on the site." She also brought along several SuicideGirls during an appearance on MTV. Sixty-six SuicideGirls appeared in the PROBOT music video, "Shake Your Blood".

SuicideGirls has also branched out into a coffee table book printing images and SuicideGirl profiles from the website, and a traveling burlesque show featuring several of the SuicideGirls. A print magazine entitled SG Pin-Up was also scheduled for release, but after being delayed due to contract and licensing issues with some contributing photographers, the magazine was canceled. SuicideGirls also had a brief partnership with Playboy magazine, which regularly featured SuicideGirls on its own website.

As of May, 2005, Los Angeles and Orange County radio station Indie 103.1 has started playing a SuicideGirls radio show, scheduled to launch on May 22, 2005. The show runs Sunday nights from midnight to 2am PST.

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Shu Qi
They've dumped the hot Asian lady below for a generic blonde bimbo? What a shocker...
Shu Qi (Chinese: ??; pinyin: Sh? Qí; Wade-Giles: Shu Ch'i) (born April 16, 1976) is the stage name of a Taiwanese actress born Lin Li-hui (???). Her stage name is occasionally romanized as Hsu Chi, Hsu Qi, etc.

Shu Qi began as a model for adult magazines and other erotic photography. It did not take long for her to star in various soft porn films, before eventually switching to mainstream films.

Despite having one of the most appealing faces in Chinese cinema, she has never learned English, and because of this has rarely appeared in American or international films.

- Sparky (who is appalled)


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