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Friday, April 28, 2006


Things to do this weekend:

Since the PP Guru is now out of his self imposed unemployed incarceration, he can go out, partake in the fresh air, sniff the flowers, sing with the birds, and step firmly and squatly upon the road apples left by Trigger the night before. He can also be seen in the public eye without bing shun upon like a leper.

And that means this weekend- it's time once more for the annual - (whatever it is, the PP Guru lost count) Los Angeles Times Festival of Books that's taking place tomorrow and Sunday on the University of Los Angeles campus.

All the usual suspects will be there in attendance - most notably Robert Crais whom Sparky profiled earlier this week. He will be having a frank discussion with Michael Connelly on Saturday. Ray Bradbury, T. Jefferson Parker, Chip Kidd, Stephen Cannell, as well as many notable mystery authors will be under the canopy of spring flowers and sunshine. Other celebs slated to appear will be Carl Reiner, Ray Harryhausen, Larry Flynt, Teri Garr, and the unfortune screeching harridan Dr. Laura (who'll want to share her imagined sexual scars with all).

Personally, the PP Guru is going for the $1.00 Fish Tacos at Rubio's - that is, if the indominable fat ass Dom DeLuise doesn't run over the PP Guru with a golf cart beforehand in his mad rush for the popular Baja mex stand and gobbles them all up.

Speaking of Ray Harryhausen- the master model maker will also be appearing at this Sunday's Los Angeles Science Fiction and Comic Book Convention now held whenever Bruce Schwartz feels like it. The PP Guru is going to maybe meet up with his some of porn star associates like Tiger Lily and Linda Tran and peruse through the aisles in search of cheap Marvel Essentials and DC Showcase trades.

The PP Guru has been having a torrid love affair with big thick phone book sized reprints of early seventies comic book nirvanas. Stuff that may have been left open ended when the PP Guru was nothing more than a PP Guruette Eagle scout.
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DC has jumped on the bandwagon of offering affordable 500 page plus reprints of some obscure material such as the entire Jonah Hex adventures collected into one volume. The PP Guru just ate it up.

He also bought the Superman and Green Lantern volumes and is eager to pick up more.

There's the House of Mystery and the Haunted Tank volumes coming soon. The PP Guru is aiming to to get his mitts on the Justice League and Teen Titans volumes this weekend. It seems that DC offers the better value in terms of page count.

Some volumes can run close to 600 pages for $ 16 or $ 17 a book- plus it's mostly stuff that the PP Guru wasn't allowed to touch back then- because the PP Guru would only associate with Marvel Zombies back in the mid-seventies and it would be blasphemy to possess a DC comic back in the day- but now it's safe to go outside.

Not that Marvel isn't offering a few choice volumes themselves in the Essential series. The PP Guru wouldn't mind getting ahold of the Defenders, Moon Knight, or the Nova volumes.

Next- the PP Guru DVD wish list - volume 2. ~ Coat

Funny how the Guru doesn't get how pictures sell a blog ... - Sparky


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