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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Always judge a Holmes film by its' Watson - the Watson in this film rocked. Up there with Brett and Mason as great Watsons. Jeremy Brett was Watson to a horrible scene chewing hilariously bad Charleton Heston as Holmes in the stage production 'Crucifer of Blood' ...

I've seen it twice. I enjoy it. Some of it reminded me of "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes" in its' humor. I'd see it again.

The magic was for the gullible; Neither Holmes or Watson fell for it. I do love that none of Holmes' disguises fooled Mary Morstan.

Referenced this when skyping with the others Xmas day. I'll blog a positive review soon. The 'boxing' is referenced in the canon, Ritchie just made it grittier. The deerstalker was for the country, the Meerschaum pipe is a later day re-invention by who did Holmes successfully on stage. And Holmes without the who did what scene is like porn minus the money shot.

One last video link, Sherlock as Superhero isn't new:


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