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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Congressional Republicans took $2,452,959 from Tom DeLay.

Forward Our Message to Your Friends.


Two weeks ago, we offered the Republicans in Congress an opportunity. The American people were watching, and we gave them a chance to show that middle-class families are more important than their twice indicted and three-times admonished Republican House Leader. Thank you for adding your voice to our call.

At the beginning, only three out of more than 200 Republicans who accepted DeLay's influence peddling money took this opportunity to return the money and declare their independence. That number still stands at... three.

So now more than ever, we have to keep up the pressure. More calls, more e-mails, more petition signatures. Let's reach a critical mass! Make them walk the line -- they can either choose to return the money and stand with the American people, or keep the money and stand with Tom DeLay -- the former Republican Leader who has been admonished three times by the Ethics Committee and indicted multiple times by a grand jury.

Republicans got themselves into a bad spot through years of blind loyalty to DeLay and his culture of corruption. Time and time again, they've taken DeLay's dirty money thereby accepting the corrupting influence of the DeLay, Inc. money machine and marking themselves as DeLay dead-enders. But we are exposing them. Through the dozens of local and national press stories we generated, hard working families are beginning to know the truth.

Now, we need to give them one final push before we deliver your names to their campaigns. If you haven't forwarded this to your friends and family, please ask them to join us now:

Forward Our Call to Tell House Republicans to Return DeLay's Dirty Money.

In the disgraceful energy bill vote two weeks ago, you could see the gears of Tom DeLay's machine in action, fueled by the millions of dollars he's pumped into the Republican Congress.

Just days after Katrina struck, DeLay announced 1 he and "Smoky" Joe Barton would put together an energy package in the name of the disaster. Ears perked up from the oil industry lobbyists 2, and they came running to get a seat at the table with the two Republicans known as "The Toxic Texans."

Surprise, surprise, out comes a bill that allows more pollution, gives more handouts to one of the most profitable industries in the world, and does nothing to lower the obscene gas prices that fuel those profits.

No Republican in their right mind could think this was good policy. They all had seen a letter from a fellow Republican pointing out that "The new energy bill will do nothing for consumers and will hurt taxpayers, but it sure will help the bottom line of oil companies." 3

So why did 212 of them vote for it? Because that's just how things work when Tom DeLay is in charge. All he asked for from the Republicans he supported was that they vote as he told them to on the bills that showered giveaways on his donors. That's exactly what they've done for years, and even after he had been indicted, they did it again.

If you have a friend or family member angry about gas prices, forward this on so they know what the Republican Congress in Washington is "doing about it" -- and how they can fight back:

Forward Our Call to Tell House Republicans to Return DeLay's Dirty Money.

We can't let up for a minute -- Republicans in Congress need to start working for the American people and not Tom DeLay.


John Lapp
Executive Director, DCCC

1 The Hill, October 8

2 The Hill, October 14

3 Mercury News, October 6

More to come I'm sure of it - Sparks


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