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Friday, November 04, 2005

Sparky: Where is the GURU? Friday's Femmes Fatale Featurette

It's The 10TH Year Anniversary Celebration of “Weather Woman!” Go Get Yours From Amazon!

I'm giving up. Somehow I've confused the very charming Kei Mizutani (whom I've met) with Jun Kusanagi. In the cut-throat world of TV broadcasting, you have to be willing to show it all. When saucy Keiko becomes the weather woman, she creates a media frenzy by flashing her underwear to the entire watching world! Soon everyone is tuning in to see wht their favorite weather woman will do next.
There this movie called Weather Woman based on manga by Tetsu Adachi - which is hilariously odd. You don't know strange until you've seen the drones with their baggettes. And any film that starts with an attractive woman, standing at the top of a building and masturbating furiously has to be a winner. And this little gem is; though obviously not a film for the whole family. Hell, a short while later we see her at it again in a toilet cubicle. In between this, she has flashed off her panties so many times it has become surreal (but always pleasurable).

Based on an adult manga, this tells the story of Kieko Nakadai is a substitute weather-girl for Michiko Kawai on J-TV. As a way of signing off, she hikes up her skirt and flashes her underwear at the audience. Needless to say, ratings rise (amongst other things) and she becomes the TV studios darling. Inevitably she makes enemies, including the studio owners daughter, Shimamori who has been educated in France and has her own ideas for the weather report. She humiliates Kieko on TV, who then goes into hiding and Shimamori takes over the weather report.

Meanwhile Kieko enlists the help of Yamagushi. a studio employee who has been besotted with her for a long time. Why? So that he can use the Heavenly Whip on her that will grant her powers to control the weather and subsequently destroy Shimamori. Thus we get the sight of her getting tied up and whipped. When she has been transformed into the weather witch she heads off to the studio to battle Shimamori for the accolade of Weather Woman.

This is truly a bizarre film, due mainly to the cultural differences between our two countries. Also the Japanese sense of humour is radically different from ours, so what they find funny makes us go huh! But the film has sex and fetishism running through it and that is universal. There are also some satirical stabs at the easily swayed television viewers as they jump from supporting one cult of personality to another. As it is based on a comic book, it has retained that vibrant anything goes attitude. So there you have it a satirical, fetishistic, sexy, sometimes funny, always-watchable witch movie. This may put some people off, but if you view it with an open mind, you will experience something quite unique. A sequel followed (Weather Girl R) that played down the comedy aspects and instead focused more on the sex. Strangely enough this was less successful.

This is a great over the top parody of television excesses. A new weathergirl makes a point of showing her panties (or lack thereof) to the audience and ratings go through the roof. (another featured show on this network is "Hello Pervert") From there the story veers off into weather witchcraft and magic battles with some truely strange musical numbers thrown in there somewhere. Its a fun romp and Kei Mizutani is gorgeous.

Jun Kusanagi
Jun Kusanagi
Jun Kusanagi
Jun Kusanagi (???) (born June 5, 1978) is a Japanese model and pornographic actress known for being very thin (she is known for her small waist, in particular) yet having naturally large breasts. Her measurements are T166cm B95(65-G) W52 H85; or in English measurements, approximately 5'5" 37½(C)×20½×33. She has also been known by the names Mizuho Kanou (????), Narua Asami (????), and Kirin Junna (?????). Also, her name is sometimes spelled as June Kusanagi.

Selected filmography

As Jun Kusanagi

  • G-Cup Kiken! (G-Cup Danger!, May 1998)
  • GTO (November 1998)
  • Cover Girls 2 (February 1999)

As Mizuho Kanou

  • Pin Pin Girl (October 1996)
  • Over The Night (October 1998)
  • Body Play II (November 1996)
  • The Extreme Fuck (November 1998)
  • Excellent Double Bomb III (February 1999)
  • Give Up Human Being vol. 3 (July 1999)
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I think I got tired of hearing how tiny boobed Japanese girls are. Anyhow - I think we stick with them until the Guru reappears. Suspecting what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. - Sparks


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