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Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Remember when the PP Guru was posturing about the world of endless possiblities when it would be neat to release all of Irwin Allen's sixties sci-fi series such as Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, The Time Tunnel, and Land of the Giants other than the sometimes lame Lost in Space?

And did Fox listen? Yes, they certainly picked up on the PP Guru's Peyote Psychic HotLine and gave us two out of three with the Land of the Giants being the only hold out.

And fuck, how fast did Sony pick up on the same PP Guru Kenneth frequency when he ultimately demanded that The Rat Patrol be released on DVD? Yes they certainly did. Season one came out faster than a gun running jeep jumping over a sand dune chasing down a Iraqi.

Now the PP Guru is hoping that lightning will strike a second time, because he has more DVD box set demands to make.

The PP Guru caught himself in a category 9 limboquake on a Richter scale of a 6.0 just harking back to the days of the mid-ninties when all the major network animation was nothing but based on comic books and seeing as how the kind folks at Nelvana were kind enough to release the entire Jim Lee's WildC.A.T.S on disc, would it be possible enough to put out the Mark Schultz's inspired series of Cadillacs & Dinosaurs? The PP Guru doesn't think he got see all thirteen episodes due to the spordiac schedule that CBS kept with the constant pre-emption of Basketball or Golf games. He thinks it would be real nifty to own a set.

Before Frank Miller became a box office god with Sin City ( and with both 300 and Hard-Boiled well on their way to reinforce that rep ), there was a animation series produced by Duane Capizzi that had least some merit other than the goddamn junk he's produced with Godzilla, Men in Black and Jackie Chan Adventures, and not to mention that godawful The Batman series on the Kids WB, and that series was Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot. Twenty-six episodes ran on Fox- which is plenty enough for a box set or two.

When the PP Guru was a young zen practising apprentice and trying to get his tunic on the ground floor of the entertainment biz, he did some scut work with Vivid Video in trying to get some product into video stores- and even though he's done his fine share of rings around the porn industry - there was a time when Vivid Video tried to market some normal fare when they tried to get the rights to release the Green Hornet onto video. Of course, it didn't pan out - but goddamn, it's about time someone took away the reins from these comic book convention hall bootleggers and get some legitimate product out there, and FOX- the PP Guru is strongly advising you - that time is now to press a few Green Hornet box sets and sign away those rights to Time Warner and DC Comics to release those box sets of the Lorenzo Dozier produced Batman series with Adam West and Burt Ward. It's way overdue.

Transmitting coaxial cables to the gods who will listen to the PP Guru's digital hi-fi pleas.



PS We had more pics but the upload died - check out the links - one can lead you to the Heartbreakers site. - Sparks


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