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Monday, June 12, 2006


We got this kindly missive from the PP Guru's brother: the PP Guru Jr. out of our home office in Lincoln, Nebraska concerning our X-Men 3 Last Stand coverage. Grammatical warts and all:

Re: Hollywood should wash there mouth out ...
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Saw the trailer for it (Ghost Rider). Probably wouldn't like it. The Iron Man sounds
interesting as well as the others you listed (The PP Guru is now doing scutwork for Paramount and we've recently announced doing a crapload of distribution for the remainder of the Marvel Superheroes canon going to film courtesy of Avi Arad .) I thought the fowl language in X-3 was a lot stronger than the previous ones. They dropped the B-word (PP Guru JR is airing his view on a heated verbal exchange that took place between The Vinnie Jones Juggernaut and Ellen Page Shadowcat) they don't need to do that to make a movie exciting. Bryan singer didn't direct this one though. The guy that made the Rush hour movies did (Boy is PP Guru Jr up on his Hollywood ). I don't mind a few cuss words but the B-word I find degrading. I wonder how well X-3 would have done if they dropped the N-word a couple of times??
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Looking forward to Superman (Returns) and Pirates of The Carribean 2. How's working
for Paramount???
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PP Guru Jr

Next Up: PP Guru covers Saga.

The Guru never listens to Sparky. Grrrrrrrr!


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