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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


The PP Guru is lamenting the demise of the one of the greatest retail institutions to ever exist in the world of man.

Last Friday, this e-mail memo was distributed to all department heads of the West Sacramento office of Tower Records:

'The fat lady has sung ....and she was way off-key, Thank you, Thank You'

Tower Records will cease to exist this coming Friday. All hopes of being rescued by bankruptcy are forever dashed. A deal by JR Music World on the east coast have failed and all stores will be closing by week's end.

The PP Guru was officially the last one to use the Sherman Oaks location's Ticketmaster last Monday night before they close that department down by the stroke of midnight when he purchased one ticket for tonight's performance of Porcupine Tree and the Tony Levin Band.

Where will the PP Guru get his concert tickets now?

Where now will the PP Guru get his rare prog rock CDs and DVD's imported from England and other European countries who know excellent musicanship and integrity when they hear it?

Where will Shannon Wheeler hock his monthly Too Much Coffee Man Magazine now?

The PP Guru bid adieu to a wonderous company who kept the PP Guru happy with some of his entertainment values to be stuck on his shelves

After 46 years, Sniff.

Good night Sunset Blvd.




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