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Monday, December 04, 2006

And now for a slightly detoured intermission... more tales from the Cary Coatney/Rikki Lixxx edge

Originally presented on August 3, 2006

Yeah folks, you see it's like this: I'm going to have to take a break this week and only give you my half assed 50 percent this week. To many crappy events have happened to me this week and rather try to superlatively pull the metaphoric wool of prose over your eyes and try to rush things through without a stroke of conscience left in my mind, I'd rather postpone the next chapter of our Melrose Hell saga and do it right instead of shooting blanks.
I mean you do want a happy ending to all this, correct?

Well - not that there is a happy ending to it. There's more turmoil ahead - I know, I can feel it.
The crappy things that happened this week doesn't have much to do with Lixi and me - it's me, actually. Monday, I was let go from Paramount Pictures- for the same old song and dance - WE JUST DON'T HAVE THE BUDGET TO KEEP YOU. So I was told to just quietly pack away my goodies and go home even before I could sit at my desk and log on to say hi to all you pretty cats and dogs.

Basically all I did this week was sit by the phone and wait for jobs to come pouring in. I almost got to work for FOX on Tuesday in their DVD department - but they only wanted someone to fill in for a couple of days. So I passed. I went to renew acquaintances with Warner Bros this morning - as per advice from my union to work as a clerk FLOATER until something better comes along - but I threw up my hands - phewww, what's the use?

Tomorrow I'm starting a two to four week gig at some public relations firm in Marina Del Rey that's working as a non-profit front to aid Israeli soldiers fight the war on terrorism. The accounting firm who is sending asked me if I had any opposing political views on accepting the assignment. I said I didn't give a shit - I got rent to pay in two weeks. Yes, I'm slightly Jewish - but none of my ancestors hail from the holy land so to speak. My family migrated from Russia trying to escape Betty Czar and her easy bake ovens during the early 20th century.

I spent money on myself for once. One thing I had to mention in the proposed blog entry that I wanted to write - but can't due to time constrictions is that last week - in order to solve neighbor problems - I had to whip out my wallet. So last week's paycheck went into me playing Santa Claus in the middle of July - and not just Lixi was the one to benefit.
So I got myself - FINALLY got myself the new FROST* debut album and the new Riverside -Voices in my Head EP - as many of you can see in my top friends list. The V for Vendetta special two disc edition which I had a friend at Warner Bros pick up for me.

And man, do I need my cartoons! Ren & Stimpy: The Lost Episodes! The Venture Bros Season 1. What else is there to say except that I'll running out of time and I'll get to writing the next chapter on Saturday!! A special edition!! OF MY BLOG!! Whooppee. Whoopie do.

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