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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

FASTER THAN A SOAP OPERA SLURPEE! Yet another balls to the wall chapter in the Cary Coatney & Rikki Lixxx saga!

Originally presented on the website on Thursday, July 06, 2006


Current mood: jubilant

I lost the stupid lottery. I only had the bonus number last night. $ 110,000.00 million buckeroos went to some lucky schmuck in Pasadena- a town not too far from where I live.
Damn shame. I had big plans for that money. I wanted to get my publishing company back on track, I wanted to buy more keyboards, and I wanted to buy Lixi her own special house.

The title to this entry has a whole multitude of meanings behind it. It can apply to all things that went on this last 5 day "weekend" , which I could view as a fucking sham or it can apply to all things that pertain to My Space in general.

Let me start off that I really appreciate those who support me on here and those who've welcomed me here with open arms. Comments on the hat really make my day. I consider my stastics to be staggering! Out of not even 300 views on my profile - I've gotten close to 160 friends so far this past month (now the PP Guru is up to 675) . I.m more of a attention whore here than on my own blog - which is where I get into character as ' a bumbling moron and a jerk' as applied to all things media driven - which can range from anywhere to movie reviews, tv shows, politics, to nasty sexual overtone innuendos that are directed towards actresses in very suggestive attire. (That's www.purplepinupguru/ for those who have much too time to spend in cyberville.

However, it's not my intention to be a jerk on this forum. And I must apologize to a certain nineteen year old out of Holland who may have taken one of my comments out of context. I was just trying to be a wit with a tongue in cheek comment and I guess she may have taken it out of context and thereby deleted me as 'her friend' and I'm really awfully sorry about that. So I guess I going to have to up my age criteria of friends up to 21 and over and not eighteen. Because some eighteen and nineteen years are just too sensitive and it makes me look like a an old perverted fart to be even conversing with those in that age range.

Also, last Friday I got pelted by those posing as fashion models and after adding them I went to check their profiles and sure enough I find that they're all links to porn sites. Which doesn't suit right with me. I mean, I'm already sort of in a relationship with a porn star - so why would I have the desire or the need to even look at that stuff anymore? So there are some I noticed in my roster, that could use some jettisoning. I haven't made up my mind of pressing the reset button on them, but If I see a bulletin posted one more time advertising their webcam again- I'm going to go all freaking 'medieval' on them.

Well, this weekend- all sort of goodies happened. To make one thing abundantly clear: I was not happy losing money for two days straight because of the Fourth of July holiday. I don't see the fucking logic of why this country insisted on having most businesses shut down for a four or five day weekend. I could've came in to work on a Monday and took Tuesday off - that wouldn't have been a problem. I was also told to go home early on Friday. So to tally up: I lost a total of 19 hours these past few days. If I'm getting $120.00 a day at work (I make $15.00 an hour for Paramount) that' s nearly two and half days of work I missed. That's nearly $300.00 that I was forced to eat down the shitter.

I've got fucking bills to pay. Plus a porn star to support.


Well, at least Bryan Singer's heart was in the right place- and I've told people this: if anyone's looking for the sequel to LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST - you have to look no further than here. I mean, c'mon it's got JESUS CHRIST SUPERMAN written all over it. It's got the words LAZARUS RISING OVERKILL stamped right near the MPAA rating. I found that there was a lot to like to about it (well, being a fan of Superman and all) and that there was a lot to dislike about it. The effects are up to par to Spider-man at least in CGI terms. But Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane- no thank you. Kevin Spacey was ok as Luthor.

But the whole Jesus Christ Messiah complex really started to bothered me. I don't want to blow it for those who haven't seen it ( I'm not a spoiler warning towncryer) but it mainly has to do with how transparent the ending is and I don't think Singer is fully aware of how the religious nutcases are going to react to it.

Hope they don't catch on.

Son of Superman? Please, that shit just doesn't fly with me.

I spent some time at the beach up in Malibu with my surrogate sister where I witnessed a spectacular sight of dolphins swimming off-shore. There's nothing more serene than seeing that happen. Haven't seen live dolphins in the their habitat since I've lived down on the beaches of North San Diego fifteen years back. Unfortunely, both my surrogate sister Rebecca and her two ex-husbands Albie and Mark got into a heated argument in the middle of the parking lot that made us all look like hair ball whooping pieces of white trash and right in front of my nieces too Tried to stay out of it as best as I could- but I was pretty embarassed to be in the same company that day with them that I was longing to be back home with my neighbor ex-porn star gal pal - Lixi that day.

Lixi and I spent a lot of time together - so I guess being off from work for five days straight wasn't completely bad. We had plenty of moments of pure unadulterated comedy.For example: I was helping her sort stuff in the garage for another possible garage sale before Beck was going to pick me up for the beach and after we were through, she had shut the garage door behind her and not realizing with a cup of cold Starbucks coffee in her hand, she tripped backward onto a parking stump that my roommate uses to park his car. She caught herself from falling, but failed to prevent the coffee to making a mess of her shirt. Yeah, I thought it was funny - but not when she turned around and threw the rest of the contents of her cup at me. I was soaked and smelling like Mocha from head to toe. I asked her why the hell did you do that for? She replies - 'well, I wanted you to know how cold coffee feels being spilt on you '.

You see, Lixi just loves to share.

We also got to drag out a Whammo Slip and Slide for my niece's benefit- except Olivia didn't want anything to do with the goddamn thing once we set it up for her after she begged all goddamn day for Lixi to get it out of her garage. It could've been that it was hard to get Lixi to wake up from her midday nap and I didn't want to go in her garage without her permission - but Lixi was cool with the idea; but the drawback being - I couldn't get the damn thing set up while there was still daylight left to say. I tried blowing up the cushions and Lixi came outside and said 'why don't you use my goddamn air pump you stupid DING DONG?' So once we set it up, Olivia complained that the water was too cold. Lixi snuck up behind and pushed me on the slip and slide and I could've nearly broken my nose - but it was funnier to see to see Lixi- a chick with triple D's go following after me.

It was a sight to behold. I wish I had had a camera to capture it for prosperity.

On the evening of July fourth - Lixi and I did Tequila shots together at our pool. I practically spent the whole day with her, actually - which was something I have not done in a long time. And I sort of reliterated some of the stuff I've secretly said on this blog to her - and damn, if it didn't come out sounding too cliched. She wasn't really buying into my sincerity, and I know I've still got to grovel still a little bit more for her complete trust. She says she still doesn't love me completely as much as I do to her. And I guess, for the present, that's as good as it's going to get.
But otherwise, we're a A-OK. She's started to dip into my DVD collection again- which is a good sign of pressing the reset button. (but boy, did she berate me for loaning her FROM HELL - she went on a whole murdering prostitutes rant, saying that was the main reason why I lent her that one- but I totally forgot that I don't think of her in that capacity and I had it in my collection because it was based on a graphic novel that I own. She wouldn't have any of it and told me to get rid of it.)

Next week - The origins of what drove us apart at the start of the new year; as best as I can chronicle it.



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And that my PP Gurus and Gurettes - is just the calm before the storm.


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