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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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Option 1: Via the Internet - Save time! Order Online!

MiraCosta College has retained Credentials, Inc to accept transcript orders on the Internet through their secured site. TranscriptPlus will facilitate your request up to five different addresses per order.

Online ordering:

  • Allows you to place orders for academic transcripts without having to mail in a request
  • Assists you with the delivery of the signature authorization required by the school
  • Supports payments by credit card
  • Eliminates the hassle of waiting in line at the Admissions & Records Office to submit your order
  • Allows you to place your order anytime day or night
  • Provides e-mail or fax communication with you while your order is being processed
  • Provides online access to check the status of your order

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Your social security number
  • Your current name and address with daytime phone number
  • All other names you used while attending MiraCosta College
  • The dates you attended MiraCosta College
  • The name & full address of the intended recipient of your transcript(s)
  • Your signature (may be required) and the date on the Authorization/Order form

Credential Solutions

To Order Transcripts,

follow this link.

Check the Status of

My Transcript Order,

follow this link.

Option 2: How to Request An Official Transcript Via Mail or In-Person

Important Information

  • A student's authorizing signature is required on either an official transcript request form or in a letter in order to release a transcript.
  • Transcripts may be mailed or picked up. If you choose to pick up your transcript, you must show a picture ID.
  • College credit from MiraCosta only will show on your transcript . We do not include copies of transcripts from other institutions.
  • All credits from MiraCosta will show on your transcript, which will also include any work in progress. We will not issue partial transcripts.
  • All financial obligations to MiraCosta College must be cleared before a transcript request will be processed. The transcript fee is payable at the time of request.
  • Email requests are not accepted.

How to Request An Official Transcript

Complete a transcript request form giving us all the requested information, OR write us a letter. In the letter, state:

  • Your current name and any prior names that you may have used while in attendance
  • Your date of birth
  • Your social security number
  • Dates you attended MiraCosta College at Oceanside or San Elijo
  • The name and complete address of where you want the transcript sent

Your signature is required on either the form or the letter in order to release your transcript. If you want a transcript sent to more than one address, complete extra forms, or note this in your letter.

You can also download the form from the web and mail it or fax it to:

Admissions and Records Office, #10A
Attention Transcript Desk
MiraCosta College
One Barnard Drive
Oceanside, CA 92056
Fax: (760) 795-6626

For Transferring Students

IGETC AND CSU/GE CERTIFICATION, if needed, should be requested with your final transcript request. Complete the information on CSU/GE certification or IGETC certification, or indicate in your letter if you would like this completed at the time your transcript is sent. If you intend to use other college course work for the certification, be sure your transcripts are on file and indicate on the transcript request or your letter that you would like us to include prior college work. If you intend to use course work from your high school(s) for the language area, you need to have your high school transcripts on file and indicate on your request or letter that you would like your high school course work included for the certification.

Indicate on the request form or in your letter:

  • If you would like American Institutions certified
  • If you have a grade change pending
  • If you have repeated any classes and want to ascertain that your transcript has been updated

If you would like current semester grades on the transcript, you can request this transcript 3 weeks before the end of the semester. For short term classes that ended mid-semester, transcripts are not available until after the end of semester grade posting. Be sure you indicate this on the transcript request form or in your letter. You will need to allow at least 4-6 weeks from the end of the semester before grades will be posted for transcript processing.

Submit the transcript request form to the Admissions Office, Building T110 at the Oceanside Campus or the Administration Building at the San Elijo Campus; mail or fax your letter to:

Admissions and Records Office, #10A
Attention Transcript Desk
MiraCosta College
One Barnard Drive
Oceanside, CA 92056
Fax: (760) 795-6626

You must pay transcript fees at the time you submit your request or include the payment with your letter. The first two transcripts ever requested are free; thereafter, $ 5.00 per copy. A $2.00 handling fee will be added to the transcript requests submitted through our on-line method.

Allow 5 to 7 days processing time from the date we receive your request or letter. Please allow at least two weeks additional time if it is the end of a semester and you do not want us to wait for the current semester's grades. (See 4 above).

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