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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Makoto Fujita RIP

In this Japanese name, the family name is Fujita.

Makoto Fujita (藤田まこと Fujita Makoto?, born April 13, 1933) died Febrary 17, 2010 is a Japanese actor. He was born in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, the son of silent-film actor Rintarō Fujima, and started his career as a comedian on the circuit in 1952.

Makoto has appeared in both jidaigeki and contemporary roles. He starred as Nakamura Mondo, a samurai, in sixteen Hissatsu series on Asahi Broadcasting Corporation since 1973. He has also portrayed Nakamura on stage and in film.

Another major starring role has been in the contemporary detective drama series Hagure Keiji Junjōha, also on the Asahi network.

Returning to jidaigeki he played the lead role in the remake of Kenkaku Shōbai with Megumi Ōji. In single shows he has portrayed Sen no Rikyū and in 2008 Tokugawa Mitsukuni.

Makoto's film credits number at least 57[1].

His major commercial appearances include Yomeishu and Token Corporation.

Makoto's talents extend beyond acting. He also sings, and has released nine recordings. One is a duet with Azusa Mano, and another is with The Peanuts twins. A writer, too, he has published several essays, the latest of which is Saigo (2006).

Died in Febrary 17, 2010[1].


This article incorporates material from 藤田まこと (Fujita Makoto) in the Japanese Wikipedia, retrieved on January 5, 2008.

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