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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Revisiting a valid idea:
The above would be a
step up for the Guru —

Some of you know the Guru - who does his very chatty Deposit Man comic book.

He needs wheels while remaining totally unaware of this fact. He is so clueless to how his life will improve once he achieves total independence.

Someone I respect said it's impossible to look cool on a scooter. They do have their good points as to licensing and such but I'm thinking either the Nighthawk:

or the Eliminator used would be a good start:


Or assuming a KLR250 like this isn't found:

I speculate that our Guru pal on a scooter in the tunnel on Sepulveda Blvd near Mulhulland Drive is too huge a danger. I welcome ideas.

This is beyond my finances to help the Guru with:


OTD PRICE: $3,899 (Yes, that includes tax, doc, & lic. fees!)

Practically BRAND NEW, only 217 miles. Completely Stock, still has the nipples on the tires.

Any ideas? Do you think the Guru's online pals are up to help him? Is it a forlorn hope?

While I harp on this
doesn't everyone think
your Guru needs to
go from this:

to the below:

And let's upgrade his Rockstar image - he needs a Keytar Synthesizer!

Can you see it?

- Sparky


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