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Tuesday, January 27, 2004


Yeah, I hope things are working right here. I've got a strange feeling that my blog has been hijacked.

I'll try to make this brief. Usually I write a new entry on Monday or Tuesday - but this week heralds the arrival of the new Yes 35th Anniversary products - which consist of the 3 CD greatest hits package (with some single edits of some songs that used to FM Radio friendly and a bonus CD of new acoustic remakes of 'Roundabout' and 'South Side of the Sky' plus new material which is only available on US editions ) and the new 2 disc DVD of the YESSPEAK documentary - interviews and trips down memory lanes. Now only if I hadn't had to wake up at 3:30 this morning to wait in line to get these products.

What? You're probably wondering to yourself - 'What the fuck's wrong with you Coatney- are you fucking insane? Who in their right mind would set his alarm clock to go and buy a lousy CD and DVD?

Well, it's like this- they're having a special acoustic performance at the Tower Records which is literally two blocks from my house in Sherman Oaks, Ca and in order to get in, I had to buy the products in order to get a wristband so I can see them perform live at 6:30 tomorrow night. So I'm a little fucking exhausted at this point - I immediately set out for work right after purchasing my Yes Goodies. Tomorrow I will be using the remainder of my sick time to leave early so I can get back in line and see the performances and get the new Yes Goodies signed by the decrepit members of the band.

Tonight, they will be on the radio at 10 with DJ Jim Ladd and will be having a televised performance on the Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn - so I still have plenty of hours to keep myself occupied. By the time 1:30 AM - I will almost have been awake for twenty-four hours.

Next time, I'll divulge further and tell you about the hundred or so people that were already standing in line - the staff at Tower didn't expect this quite a turn-out, so they were gracious enough to open the store at 8:30 AM and when I left the line was going around the building- They didn't think this promotion would fly - but as usual, they underestimated the tenecity of Yes fans everyone. One guy who was online before me (approx 4:30 this A.M.) flew all the fucking way from Puerto Rico.

Holy fuck- and you think I'm crazy?

Anyway - more on these people and the performance itself, and I will probably have to spill the beans on a proposed writing gig for Heavy Metal.

Happy YES days are here again.




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