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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Yeah, it's that time again- things are picking up steam now that the network shows are resuming production after summer hiatus and the prospect of overtime seems eminent, although if Bush's new schmush the middle class scheme goes according to plan- I may have to graft a tin cup to my forehead when I go out begging for handouts. I took a stroll around the lot late Thursday night and ran into a whole shmear of celebrities taking ciggie breaks away from their sets including Two and a Half men's Charlie Sheen (damn, is his face all pockmarked) and Gilmour Girls's Lauren Graham talking on a cellphone while darting inside and out of trailers- (but I see her all the time on the lot- so she doesn't really count.)

So instead of doing the Ayreon's Human Equation review, I'm going to coast on this entry until the time that my bus arrives at the stop and hopefully I will resume my regular self indulgent patterns on Thursday.

I was amused this morning streamlining to St. Louis's eclectic talk station WGNU's conservative harlot DR PAT (Tuesday morning's 11 AM to 1 PM CENTRAL TIME ) rant incessively on about how there is some Democratic conspiracy transpiring at Border's Books and Music on how the new conservative crackpot book ' UNFIT FOR COMMAND by John O'Neill and Jerome Corsi (the puppet masters for the They Really Need a SWIFT KICK in the ASS Veterns for the DISTORTED TRUTH campaign ads )is not purposily being carried by the chain and therefore is sort of arranging a picketed protest (although not her personally, but this has been uttered by one of her Christ cockswinging callers) in front of the store if THEY DO NOT recieve their copies in stock by next week. If this be the case- then why is Border's issuing this statement: saying that it is the publisher who are not printing enough copies to meet the demand?

I really wish that people would get their shit straight.

And I've noticed that a lot of conservative talk show hosts have been skirting around the issue of how the Brave and Mighty George Whatever Bush has been successful in cutting off everyone's OT. And how will this is a big boon in scoring votes? How is cutting off people's livihoods- people who work in public service such as Police, Medical and Emergency paramedics, and Bus Drivers who after bringing home the bacon when slaving off their asses for more than 50 plus hours find that they can't make the mortgage next month is supposed to benefit by this? I've been engaged in some friendly e-mail banter with the Friday's morning's conservative host, Kenneth Condor on WGNU (10 AM - 12 Noon Central Time) and has promised me that he will be tackling this can't punch your way out of a paper bag solution this week on his show, The Truth.
I can't wait. Because, I've haven't heard Larry Elderberry - Sean Humpadink or Bill O'Really? mention anything at all so I'll be dying to hear his rational behind this debacle.

Damn, I need that extra ten hours to pay off my credit cards. Not that I get the hours every week- cause, you know, sometimes I'm too busy cavorting with movie stars to pay any real attention to my job. It comes with the territory, you understand.

Tomorrow's California State Lotto is up to $75 million or it might have gone up again, who knows? - AND IT's ALL FUCKING MINE!! So keep your mitts off it and don't e-mail me with your unflushed toilet spams asking for a piece of it - cause you won't get it.
All proceeds go straight to the Landescape Productions Take Over the Free World Campaign, if you haven't already guessed.

Deposit Man News

Well like I've mentioned before in the last few entries, I've coaxed Larry into doing both the pencils and inks to the next Deposit Man book and I think he's already started on it, if cashing my check is any indictation. I've written and rewritten and rewritten yet again the final two pages over this weekend tying up every stinking loose nook and cranny that I've dragged each and every one of my debauched characters through the previous two issues until I was satisfied with it to hand over to Larry - AND EVEN NOW I'm writing the inside back cover which is a substitute way of saying that this last issue of the LAST GREAT GATE OF MORTALITY mini series will end with a epilogue that will hopefully bring it full circle. It also serves as a little parody on a very well known box office grossing political documentary that's been released within the last few months. People should get a big bang out of it.

After we've put that catastrophe behind us. Larry is going to resume those Betty Fusco shorts that he is supposedly painting for Heavy Metal Magazine. I haven't sat down to script the second mini story yet- but I wanted Larry to get a chance to jump on the next Deposit Man four issue arc, Playgod and do some pages for a possible preview ashcan that I may need in time for the next APE show in April of 2005. I have my fingers crossed to see if it all goes according to plan.

I'm also sitting down getting the vendor submission packet prepared for Diamond. I want to make sure to get it in the proper corrupted, er, I mean corporate grubby hands by Labor Day at least. I'm addressing it to the submissions guy who spoke to me at the last APE show and try to bluff my way through of not showing him the brutal monstrosity of the second act simply by including some photocopies of the first ten pages instead. MAS's cover to the third act of LAST GREAT GATE OF MORTALITY should be a surefire sell.

I have a Batman story that I've wanted to sell to DC for the longest time- but I'm not sure that the time is again right- it looks as if they've restructured the titles again- so that they're all connected into one big continous soap opera or novella like you see on those UHF spanish stations. I've been investigating the current storyline, WAR GAMES which was enticing enough for me to purchase the 12 cent BATMAN Adventure - but in order to follow through the whole storyline, you have to purchase the secondary Bat titles such as NIGHTWING, BIRDS OF PREY, and BATGIRL - which at $ 2.25 or 2.50 a pop can get pretty expensive and I no longer have the power of having any personal association or carte blanche with a comic book speciality shop anymore since ROOKIES & ALLSTARS shut down- so spending oodles of dough on little pretty words and pictures is getting very scarce for me these days. I'll try to get the remaining chapters at the new Kevin Smith operated store, Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash which is having its' grand opening in Westwood this weekend.
My old Jethro Tull brother-in-arm adoring comrade, Bob Schreck is only editing one Batman title these days- so I'm just waiting for the proper time to submit it to him. It's one diverse Batman story based on a old nightmare I had as a kid- and I think the darknight detective would properly fit in its' criteria.

I also have an idea for a Question story utilizing one of Batman's foes besides the Riddler that was used in the Denny O'Neil and Denys Cowan original groundbreaking run, (but in a guest artist issue penciled and inked by Ren & Stimpy animator, Bill Wray
. Don't let Denys hear me say that). Not one of the major nutjobs, but one who was at least awarded one episode in the definitive Animated Series (and I got the idea by reading thorugh the old letter columns) - . Here's a clue: He got away by referring to Joker, as Hermes. However, I'm waiting for the revival series to hit the stands and see what changes they've done to the character and see if it will work in that context. I mean, the Question with ties to the Superman universe? Not really Vic Sage's style

I saw Exorcist: The Beginning over the weekend- not really as horrendous as the critics made it to be. I was suprised that I would actually find it to be riveting- with me being the greatest Atheist that ever lived and such. And I'm certain, people will find some closure to the issues that weren't resolved in the original (or what is the re-issue) film. There are some nasty child birthing scenes ( Are Devils really hatched? If not, then where do deviled eggs come from? ) and a memorable butterfly effect scene that's more satisfying than a Ashton Kurcher thriller. It's a tolerable horror film with a lot of thought put behind it - not your usual hack'em slash 'em film, but maybe a strong appeal to intellect fancy pants elitists.

That's it for today- I'm pooped more than Triumph the Comic Insult Dog right about now.



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