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Thursday, July 29, 2004


Saturday at the con was a tremendous test of will power...from not cracking up laughing at the new Star Wars movie title which accentuates on the verge of absurdity, by the look of the throes of lemmings hoarding their exasperating battlecry as they swathe a path towards the official Lucaswhores merchandising booth to pick up their first editions of the REVENGE OF THE SITHS t-shirts.


At first, when someone told me, I could've sworn he had said REVENGE OF THE SHITS. And I gather from the way Anakin Skywalker had behaved like a impertinent
brat in the last two laugh out loud titles - I'd figure the reason why Darth Vader was so fucking irritable in the next trilogy was because he didn't have time to empty his bowels before they grafted that plastic legoland suit onto him.

Well, I'll probably be waiting on line on opening day just like everyone else, I suppose. It's been a long unsolved unfilled mystery since I was thirteen years old about how chafing that suit became to be and I'll finally be around to see how it is all revealed.

Saturday at the Con was also a day to renew old acquaintances that I haven't seen in a million plus years. Carlos Saldana, cartoonist creator of Burrito, Jack-of-all-Trades was certainly one of them. I haven't seen good ol' Carlos for four or five years right after I got involved with Death Comics. Carlos was my very first collaborator on a comic strip featuring his Burrito burro for something that was rejected from one of the comic con souvenir books. When I brought it up to him as I was kicking back a few Coronas with him at the Hyatt, it appeared that he had no recollection of the strip whatsover. I don't know if it was the Coronas talking,though- but I'll have to dig into my storage boxes to see if I could find it and refresh his memory. It's good to have Carlos coming back to the fold- he's soon to retire from his career as a postal worker in Glendale, Ca and go back to painting and cartooning full time, now that he has a cover coming out soon for Online Magazine. The ambiance at the Hyatt was nothing more lavishing at the new bar that they opened in the new building over than what it used to be on the 42nd floor of the old building- but Carlos told me that now they closed it to make room for this one.That's too bad- because that's the closest I'll ever get getting into a Sky or a Ghost bar anywhere on this planet. The outside splendor of the bar set up in the courtyard in the back would have been more splendiferous if they had more than one bar and a added few more qualified bartenders to their martini shaking arsenal. Long lines in between drinks makes one not intoxicated enough. One of the few drink up days I'm allowed all year, and I make it back to my motel room barely unscathed. That's a pitiful shame.

Other notable people who visited the Landescape Productions table that day were Bill Walko from, Steven Grant, my new future cover artist for The Deposit Man/Playgod arc - Kori Anderson, Sam Humphries the Sex Fro guy I used to spar with from the now self destructed Ska8e Jesus delphiforums, and a cast of already forgotten others- although not as rich and famous as the celebs who came to visit me on Sunday.

Each salesday seemed to improve over the last and final Sunday. It was downright psychic that Heidi MacDonald came by to visit with an omen: Sunday is usually the day when people go shopping.

And boy, was her prediction ever right.

Because right after she left, I began selling at least six or seven entire sets of all four Deposit Man issues. So my total take in at the end of the day (and I even sold a few books at the last minute as I was closing up) was at least 50 plus dollars. More than all three days combined!

Michael Davis, who's probably whored himself to everybody in the entertainment and media biz at some point and with whom he shares some of the co-creating credit to the WB's Static Shock along with Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan came by to chill with me. Michael's another local LA cat I used to bullshit around with in the mid-ninties. I got involved with local libaries in help putting on the bi-annual Teen Age Comic Book Festival along with Eugene Mandelcorn. It was because of him and his selfless dedication in getting under-privileged involved in the comic book creative process that got the ball rolling.

Jim Shooter was caught flipping through my book- but I wouldn't know what to say to him. You hear nice things about the guy and someone in the industry will turn around and say something to you that isn't so nice. So it was probably better that I kept my mouth shut about certain taboo subjects- But he wrote interesting comics- I'll give him that.

And so later like a frolicking little boy (oops, sorry), I took time from my booth to wander at least some of the dealer's room floor. Practically everything in STAR WARS pavillion area was now geared towards the REVENGE OF THE SHITS,..... oops, sorry I slipped again, I meant SITHS now that the announcement was made. NEW LINE had a impressive in the round glass display of various LORD OF THE RINGS costumes and had drooling DVD fans in frantic anticipation of the RETURN OF THE KLINGON, shit- I meant KING - sorry ,that one accidently slipped- EXPANDED EDITION. an extra 50 plus minutes tacked on is going to make it a heck of a 4 hour plus viewing evening, that 's for sure. SCI-FI channel was touting their new STARGATE ATLANTIS series, of which I've yet to see an episode of- I was more alluded to the new FARSCAPE mini-series which I know will lure hard core fans back in droves (I finally have the final Season 4 collection in front of me- 25 bucks at Best Buy vs the '35 dollar show special' (glad I wasn't thinking with my wallet that day). And I'm sure there were plenty more that I'd missed.

The only thing I spent any money and gushed over was getting a print signed by Yes album cover artist Roger Dean (certainly a pitter patter of a highlight if there ever was one) and a couple of bummer t-shirts of 2003's Wonder Con for some of my favorite gals back home. I was stupefied beyond belief that the entire show was sold out of this year's souvenir t-shirt featuring a so-so rendition of Jim Lee's Superman- but shit, even though, it's a break in tradition. I've been buying a shirt every year whether I liked the design or not and it just bums the shit out of me that they sold out since Saturday morning. I already misplaced Alex Ross' Justice League model and I found out that was sold out too. So I had to resort to buying a standard Jim Lee Batman at the Graphitti booth next door and a child size Batgirl shirt for Olivia.

So when relief hit at 5, I proceeded to pack up and exit with the rest of the exhausted convention goers in a very placid manner to the trolley stations- but rather recite another version of a crushed sardine singing barbershop quartet in a trolley car- I lingered around the station for a while, pausing to smoke a few cigarettes until the pandemonium was at a manageable level.

I had a date later that evening with a local girl that I've known out here for a long number of years and that reunion didn't go as well as I expected. Another moteless whoppee doo in the annals of my experience with the opposite sex.

But I won't bore anyone with the stupid details.

Relaxing train ride back and I'm looking forward to another weekend at home with my only one true love.....My girlfriend, the DVD player.




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