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Friday, July 30, 2004

This is absolutely the last entry I will write about this year's San Diego Comic Con International. Some of us are still not over it, the aura is still lingering and people still can't stop talking about it as evident as last night's coffee meet at the Sherman Oaks Border's. I was supposed to meet Mas last night and hand over his share of copies of the new book- but since he didn't show, I got to hang out with David Seidman, Deni Loubert, Tone Rodriguez, David Yurkovich (one to be in the presence of greatness- Threshold and Death is Chocolate is one of my favorite all time unheard of independent comic books ), Nat Gertler, and others whose business cards I'm too lazy to glance down right at this moment. But we all have lives to get back to and I have to catch to this blog's regularly schedules shenanigans like HALF ASS and HATEFUEL
Yeah, I have to admit, it was a emotional and draining show- one to really, really feel good about until when the next one rolls around. But there remains some gripes straggling from a mind of a exhibitor that I jotted down in my little 'idea book'. Nothing more obvious than some acute observations here and there:
*Gandalf for president buttons -
Now c'mon, haven't we learned already that to vote for a third or alternative party only
means that it's a vote for Bush? This is how we got in the mess the last time when Nader came and fucked things around. And he's at it again!! Besides what political platform would a candidate from Middle Earth serve? What's Gandalf view on abortion or stem cell research?
* Those exhibitors with carrying around slightly big bulging pouches, please when you go around my table, be careful not to knock my sign off the table. I had bought a plastic holder big enough to contain a color reproduction of the cover to the next book and had it displayed on the table close to the edge- but not protruding - right next to the two latest Deposit Man and the Last Great Gate of Mortality Acts One and Two, and sure enough, some fat belly inching it's way through the space between mine and my neighbor 's was always getting knocked over and then I have to bend down to pick it, becasue their bellies prevented them from doing so.
* Fat fucking mindless fanboys do the most grotesque things:
I witnessed something that would even give Clive Barker or Stephen King the willies: a fat slob whom I would guess to be some acquaintances of my neighbor to the left of me, because he showed his chubby bearded face a few times over the course of the show actually took someone's abandoned half eaten Ms. Field's chocolate chip cookies and started to eat it - I mean, never mind that it could have been contaminated with the Rhino virus or the West Nile- it just the sheer shuttering grotesqueness of shoveling some stranger's slivia drenched morsel of food into your body and shrug it off to everyone who just advertily try to avoid noticing what you were just doing simply by saying 'that it was protected by the little paper wrapper.

C'mon- What the fuck? Not that I'm skinny myself, mind you (but I'm not fat either - I'm just right)- but let's behave like civilized being here. If you've got a food fetish - you gotta know when to say when. Besides this has always mystified me - and noticing particularily on this enormous individual: How the fuck do fat slobs reach around to wipe their ass if their arms are too short and skinny to accommodate? There's gotta be a method (and no offense to Tone if he ever reads this)

Speaking of buttocks- I was having a few pipe problems of my own off and on during the show:

9-10 hours a day sitting on one's ass is not good- especially when one gets gassy build up - but the thought of picking up and going to the one of the worst unsantized men's room south of the Venice Beach boardwalk and maybe perhaps missing a sale or an inquiry was playing havoc on my mind.

* There were moments of terrifying anixety of whether or not you would walk away with a sale on that day or not- because there were moments or a lapse in between sales when people would simply walk by you and not even acknowledge your existence. The misgivings weren't apparent on Sunday - when I was so constantly busy that I couldn't wait until the five o'clock whistle blew to pack it all in.

Well - this weekend's mantra is sit back this weekend and kick back and watch DVDs - Still working on my 67 Spidey collection, Batman Animated Series Season set and Challenge of the Superfriends. Hellboy is around somewhere. AND this would be a good opportunity to catch up on some flicks- Catwoman I'll talk about next week- it's actually not as bad as people are saying- I'll point out what I liked about it and what I didn't like about it. The Bourne Sepremancy is one I need to catch up on from last week and King Arthur is another. But a plethora of movies are out from here to the end of August. This week is the much ballyhooed Mancurian Candidate, that M. Night's The Village, and Ben Kingsley hamming it up in the Thunderbirds. Shark crotch snapping action lives on in Open Water and Tom Cruise as a hitman in Michael Mann's Collateral and the show just never ends....




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