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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


For reasons that don't come as a suprise, The new tv season is not very impressive and nor did I expect it to be. Rehashed sitcoms without a any spark of originality are now giving away to the scripted 'unscripted' reality shows that's really starting to get on my fucking nerves - those timeslots could be better utilized for a new kind of cop show or a sci-fi kind of show - although kudos go out to Lost for being the 'only' thing that shows any promise. With the dearth of product incredibly decreasing, the only positive thing I can say about the lack of television for me to watch is that it's more time for me to spend in front of the computer screen...or a stairmaster. Less and less tv shows to watch means more and more time spent trying to get slam more product out. Most of my weekends is when I spend most of my time coach potatoing for the sofa gold. So for the past few years, I've been taping all my cops shows such as NYPD Blue (on it's last season, *sniff*), the Law & Orders, and CSI (the new NEW YORK spin-off hasn't really quite grabbed my gonads as yet)'s and watching them all in sucession on Sundays.
It used to be 14 shows I would save for the weekends that would maybe take up two entire tapes to shift through, now they're down to eight or nine hours that would fit on a single eight hour tape.

So something has to compensate- even though I don't watch any network television live with the exception of Smallville on Wednesdays (Video taping network shows without commercials is one of my most popular specialities- Friends refer to my video taping skills par none as the Coatney cut) I like to put on my programming hat and start exercising my television station management powers beyond mortal ken and offer the exquisite and always satisfying Cary Coatney Channel.

The world or syndication through my fingertips and the power of...DVD box sets!!

I don't think I've conquered tv until I caved in and bought a DVD player...

But then, it's the addiction of overspending on dvds that starting to make me into a gibbering fool, but it's the only way that I can experience things that can only be found on cable pay channels or reliving special moments of my youth.

A Dvd player could be misconstrued as a virtual time machine.

Sci-Fi and HBO shows. Old 70's cops shows and brilliant, but cancelled- all at the touch of my fingertips. I can rule the broadcasting world.

My plans for world domination will be revealed tomorrow.




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