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Monday, June 06, 2005

PP Guru:

The PP Guru has a lot spinning on his metaphysical plate this week- so posting will be sparse - which means you'll have to contend with meandering ramblings on religion and politics from the Spark for the rest of the week. The PP Guru wishes he didn't have a whole lot to do, as his eyeballs have a hard enough time plucking themselves from the containment field of his Argamotto dark sockets that are glued to the digital pixels of his litttle HD-TV doofus mind reducing relay machine and DVD player.

Nevertheless, the PP Guru must venture forth onto the outside plane of outer dimensions and metaphysically force himself to shuffle his two feet forward to a series of events happening in the versatile and eccentric corners of the city of Los Angeles and it circumambient surroundings.

Wednesday or Thursday - The PP Guru, along with a unknown female able bodied astral projecting apparition, who he hopes looks nothing short of spectacular in a asteroid body stocking, will be taking in together, the bat sights, the bat dolby sounds, and the bloodcurdling atmospheric cinematography of the new Batman Begins movie.

The movie, so far, has been getting rave reviews from critics such as Kirk Honeycutt in the Hollywood Reporter comments that for "Nolan to turn Batman Begins into such a smart, gritty, brooding, visceral experience is astonishing. Truly, Batman does begin again." The movie is nearly two and a half hours long. By the time the PP Guru gets out of work, rushes down to meet with his date, and then sits through the movie (without fudging to go to the restroom every fifteen minutes and nodding off to any meanless babble that she will engage with the PP Guru ), he dreads having to wait for two buses to take him back to his Sanctorium School of No Hard Knockers to Stare At. He fears that there will not be a lot of time to post up the usual photo ops of hot leper lesbian action feasting at the Pantheon at the midnight hour. That's a huge chunk of time lost- but at least it will be good chunk of time lost.

Depending on what night the PP Guru sees the new Batman flick, will also depend on when the PP Guru's Peabody award winning Strange Stirring below the PP Guru's Belt Friday column will appear- which will be on Angelina Jolie - (and how could it not be about Angelina Jolie, huh?).

Friday, the PP Guru has got to skidaddle early from work in order to make the Porcupine Tree show at the Wilshire Theater .

Not this Porcupine Tree, you dumbass!

Now you're getting the hang of it, chum.

The PP Guru has had a musical infatuation with this band for a good number of years. He always manages to get the band's new releases exactly right on the date that it makes it's debut on the store shelves (they're on his studio's record label) and doesn't procrastinate when it comes to local LA area performances. No time to waste when it comes to Ticketmaster! You can check out a previous Porcupine Tree concert review written by the PP Guru's slightly deranged alter-ego of Cary Coatney right here . Porcupine Tree will also be joined by special guest Robert Fripp and his League of Crafty Guitarists . The show starts at 8 PM. And that's 8:PM sharp, as far as Mr. Fripp is concerned. And no goddamn photographs either! Save them for the PT slideshow. The PP Guru will be meeting up for drinky- poos early before the show with his new date, Liz.

And after a day of rest, which is Saturday, which also is cartoon watching day - the PP Guru in his mortally schizophrenic guise of Cary Coatney will most likely be pandering his Deposit Man wares at this weekend's Los Angeles Comic Book And Science Fiction Convention this Sunday, June 12th. Lots of Batman Begins giveaways to be hoarded away from what he hears on the bat grapeline.

As exhaustedly relayed to: ~ Coat
Tomorrow we'll talk Gorillaz and their new album Demon Days


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