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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

SPARKY: LONDON BOMBING UPDATES: I'll cop to a strong bias against stupid violence...

I have to say the British are handling this better than us Yanks - When the tanks roll - the terrorists have won. Can't intelligent people see that the so-called war on terror is just a ramped up beefier 'war on drugs' that enriches a portion of the “elites” like "Poppy Bush?"

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As Britons reeled from news that last week's attacks on London may well have
been the work of homegrown suicide bombers, police warned that the country
was still under threat from Islamist militants. In this photo, armed police
surround a property in Leeds in northern England in connection with the July 7
London bombings, July 12, 2005. photo © REUTERS/Ian Hodgson

Wikinews: London bombing: Police search houses in Leeds

July 12, 2005

West Yorkshire Police searched six houses in Leeds today in connection with the London bombings. Houses were searched in the Burley, Beeston and Holbeck areas. Further properties were searched in Dewsbury, about eight miles from the city centre. The raids began at 6:30am BST this morning after warrants were issued under the Terrorism Act 2000. Police are still in attendance at one property, and are describing the searches as significant, and "intelligence led".

Access to one house was gained using a robot-deployed controlled explosion. Other houses were entered by armed police.

London Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Ian Blair said that the operation "is directly connected to the outrages on Thursday". A "significant amount" of explosives was recovered from the Burley property. Following the discovery of the explosive, military bomb disposal experts were sent to the scene. Around 600 people were evacuated from the surrounding area. Temporary food and shelter is being provided by the local council at Kirkstall Leisure Centre, a mile away.

Also: Arrest over London bombing

British police have arrested a person in West Yorkshire in connection with the London bombings. The man will be transferred to London for questioning. Six houses were raided in Leeds and Luton.

The police conducted controlled explosions to gain access to a house in Leeds, and three controlled explosions were made on a car in Luton Station's carpark.

More than 600 people were evacuated near the six houses raided in Leeds and the police has seized either explosives or devices used to make bombs.

Inspector Miles Himsworth said that the raids were conducted by the Metropolitan Police Anti-Terrorist department with help from the Yorkshire Police and the Army Bomb Disposal Unit. He also said that the police were conducting a "careful and meticulous search".

Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir Ian Blair has confirmed that the operation "is directly connected to the outrages on Thursday". He added that "London, as well as New York" continue to be "major terrorist targets".


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By THOMAS WAGNER. LEEDS, England (AP) - Police removed materials from tidy single-family houses Wednesday in this northern city that ...
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POLICE investigating last week's London terror bombings believe they know the identity of the fourth person who participated in the attacks that killed 52 ...
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London: Police investigating last week's bombings here today searched for the masterminds of the attacks after identifying the four suspected suicide bombers ...
from respectable homes
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By BEN ENGLISH In London. POLICE are on the trail of an al-Qaida bombmaker who masterminded last week's terrorist strike on London ...
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News24, South Africa - 5 hours ago
London - British police were looking on Wednesday for a fifth suspect in last week's London bombings, BBC television reported. The ...
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Mid-Day Mumbai, India - 5 hours ago
London: British police have discovered a bomb factory in Leeds indicating that there were plans for future terrorist attacks similar to the London bomb blasts ...
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Melbourne Herald Sun, Australia - 5 hours ago
THE face of terrorism in Britain changed forever yesterday as police established that the London carnage was inflicted by young, home-grown suicide bombers. ...
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Advertiser Adelaide, Australia - 5 hours ago
BRITISH police are hunting a fifth man over last week's London attacks, which authorities suspect were carried out by four suicide bombers, BBC TV said ...
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By James Button. Police are hunting for the mastermind of the worst terrorist strike in Britain's history after revealing that four ...
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Police in Britain are searching for the mastermind of the London attacks, as more details emerge about the suspected bombers, including their names. ...
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By THOMAS WAGNER. LEEDS, England (AP) - Police searched for the mastermind behind the London terror attacks on Wednesday, combing ...
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By Breffni O'Rourke. Who was really behind the devastating terror attacks on London last week? This is one of the questions British ...
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LONDON Charles Clarke, the British home secretary, gave the first official indication on Wednesday that authorities believed all four men implicated in the ...
Blair shocked 'bombers' were British
CNN International - 7 hours ago
Blair carries his briefing notes, as he leaves Downing Street, Wednesday on his way to the House of Commons. LONDON, England (CNN ...
Blair promises to deport extremist preachers
Times Online, UK - 7 hours ago
By Simon Freeman and Sam Knight, Times Online. Tony Blair today said he intended to tighten the Government's controversial anti-terror ...
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Bloomberg - 8 hours ago
July 13 (Bloomberg) -- British police are examining whether four bombing suspects died in last week's London terror attacks, a finding that could mean the ...
'Home-grown' bombers shock UK
News24, South Africa - 7 hours ago
London - The British authorities said on Wednesday they were hunting for the masterminds of last week's bombings in London that were carried out by four men ...
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Sydney Morning Herald (subscription), Australia - 9 hours ago
Police were trying to work out today whether four young British Muslims suspected of carrying out suicide attacks in London last week were inspired by a master ...
Attacks seen as suicide bombings
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - 10 hours ago
London -- The focus of the massive investigation into last week's devastating subway and bus bombings is expanding beyond London, as police probe whether the ...
London bomb plot was bred in UK
Globe and Mail, Canada - 10 hours ago
By DOUG SAUNDERS AND ELIZABETH RENZETTI. Leeds and London — Thursday's terrorist attacks in London were carried out by four young ...
4 tied to London blasts
Chicago Tribune, IL - 10 hours ago
By Christine Spolar and Tom Hundley, Tribune foreign correspondents. Christine Spolar reported from London and Tom Hundley reported from Leeds. ...
Four suicide bombers?
Winnipeg Sun, Canada - 11 hours ago
By AP. LEEDS, England -- New evidence suggests four suicide bombers, including at least three Britons of Pakistani descent, carried ...
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By Michael Holden. LONDON (Reuters) - Police were trying to work out on Wednesday whether four young British Muslims suspected of ...
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Xinhua, China - 12 hours ago
BEIJING, July 13 -- British police have announced their first major breakthrough in the deadly London bombings, saying they have closed-circuit TV film of four ...
Cops: They were suicide bombers
New York Daily News, NY - 12 hours ago
BY ADAM NICHOLS. LONDON - Rapid developments in the hunt for London's bombers suggested yesterday Britain could have suffered its first-ever suicide attacks. ...
Police hunt possible "master bomber", UK - 12 hours ago
By Michael Holden. LONDON (Reuters) - Police were trying to work out on Wednesday whether four young Muslims suspected of carrying ...
Suicide bombers suspected
London Free Press, Canada - 13 hours ago
LEEDS, ENGLAND -- New evidence suggests four suicide bombers, including at least three Britons of Pakistani descent, carried out the terror attacks in London ...
Details emerge on London bombers
Seattle Times, WA - 13 hours ago
LONDON — Four men from central England probably planted the bombs that rocked London's transit system last week and all may have died in the explosions ...


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