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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Well - they finally got around to doing it. They gave Hunter S.Thompson his final wish. It took a while, seeing as how the Gonzo journalist made himself a hot lead sandwich going back to February 20th of this year.

The memorial was held in Woody Creek, Colorado and according to MSNBC.Com , both the Hollywood personas of Thompson, Johnny Depp (who splurged for the 2.5 million for the cannon and firework festivities) - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Bill Murray - Where the Buffalo Roam were both in attendence, as well as Lyle Lovett and one time Democratic nominee, George McGovern (who the PP Guru would have voted for - if he had not been in the third grade!).

Sex toys were in abundance- masks of Richard Nixon were passed around- and champagne corks were flying in the sky before the remains of Thompson were to achieve lift-off.

The PP Guru couldn't think of a better send off. If it had been the PP Guru's memorial service (and let's hope that we never get to that point- after all, the PP Guru has signed for the Immortality clause in his blogger contract! ) he would have prefered that someone or a significant other in a future life will dust off the ol' portable compact disc player and play the Supper's Ready track from the Genesis Foxtrot album for one final time in his memory - providing that it's twenty-five minutes long- so that the PP Guru in that short amount of time could resurrect himself as a pretty flower......or at least, as a giant hogweed and claim to all his non-loved ones that it was all a big 'misunderstanding'.

However, the PP Guru would have been the life of the party if he had attended Thompson's final soiree, in that the PP Guru would snuck in with a real whopper of a practical joke as to switch Thompson's ashes with the grounded up bonemeal belonging to William Conrad.


Get it? ... Oh, shut up. Boy- don't those sparklers look so gosh darn pretty to the:

~ Coat

PS Old Sparky got to go to a preview of "Where The Buffalo Roam" way back when he was in college 25 years ago. We had ether and Yukon Jack®. We were the 5 happy movie previewers attending. We were the target audience.

So lo and behold - we spied Bill Murray in the back row at the Universal Studios screening theater who was watching us - and he asked why we enjoyed the film. We plied his ego with trivia about him and loosened him up; But when his pale companion asked us about the ether - we knew we were in the presence of Doctor Gonzo himself. He was a very nice man and the seven of us ended up at a Denny's ...


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