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Saturday, August 27, 2005


Come on, you and the PP Guru both know it: Italian Super Model and actress Monica Bellucci in her character of Persephone was probably the best goddamn thing in both Matrix: Reloaded and Matrix: Revolutions - and she was probably was the best thing as Mary Magdalene in the Last Temptation of Christ too, but the PP Guru didn't go for that Republician fistfucking poppycock (which wasn't really Mel Gibson's fault or intention to mindwipe Conservatives at all - it was just that assassination instigator Pat Robertson and his Christian Coalition cocksmoking cronies latched on to it as their immediate spokesmovie of the one good thing Hollywood has done for them and how you should embrace their view of how sex and violence should be portrayed in the movies- only because they put the fear of God escalating box office ticket prices when Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 opened up). The sight of her in that light green rubber form filling mini-shirt alone makes the PP Guru want to lift up that skirt and pull down her wet little panties and put his pulsating piledriving pelvis into overdrive, but the PP Guru doesn't think her famous Italian actor husband Vincent Cassel would appreciate that very much.
Monica has a role as the Queen Mirror in director Terry Gilliam's long awaited return helm to the big screen, the Brothers' Grimm that also stars Heath Ledger and Matt Damon which is now being released under the auspices of Dimension Films now that Miramax and Disney have gotten a divorce. The film was originally supposed to open last year at Thanksgiving time, but since then has been screened at the Venice Film Festival and has been nominated for a" Golden Lion" award. This will truly be a movie to ring out a above average summer season (in terms of quality- not in Boffo numbers). The film also stars Lena Headley whose is a little shy in showing us her body (not a image the PP Guru can download anywhere).

Monica will next be seen in the upcoming Lords of War with Nicholas Cage and Shoot' em Up with Paul Giametti and Clive Owen whereas she plays a pregnant woman who gives birth during a fiery gun battle at a bank robbery.

The PP Guru is cutting it short because he wants to dedicate more time to his Yes Journals. Up your nose in a rubber lycra bodystocking hose to: ~ Coat

The Brothers Grimm

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The Brothers Grimm is a 2005 film, directed by Terry Gilliam. This film was supposed to be released in November 2004 in theaters, but it was delayed, with the new release date being August 26, 2005. The film is running for the "Golden Lion" at the upcoming Venice Film Festival 2005.


This movie is about two brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, who are making a living out of protecting villagers from fantasy and enchanted creatures, till they meet real magic.

Main cast


Despite initial fears by some critics and film fans (based on the fact that the release date has been rescheduled several times), The Brothers Grimm is now scheduled for release in the summer of 2005 as a part of the final arrangements made by the Weinstein brothers and the Walt Disney Company concerning how to divide the catalog of Miramax films currently in production. As this release date is a part of the legal agreement reached concerning the dissolution of Miramax, it is considered almost impossible that the movie's future will again be in doubt. MGM and Miramax's Dimension Films produced the film, MGM has international rights and Dimension/Miramax has US distribution rights. MGM backed out of its deal to co-distribute in the US, and that also caused a delay in its release.


  • Jonathan Pryce has already worked with Terry Gilliam. He played The Right Ordinary Horatio Jackson in The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen and Sam Lowry in Brazil.
  • Samantha Morton was vetoed out of the film by the producers. The Weinstein brothers have forbidden Terry Gilliam to cast her for the movie. Morton has said that this was due to the impression that "the tops of her arms were too big."

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PS Sparky has read a recent historical article that indicates that both "Marys" in the “Passion Play” were once one "Mary." “Mary Madeline” was 'born' out of the need to avoid 'Mother Mary' being 'outed' as a prostitute ... Don't you love these wacky Xtians?


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