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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Taking a brief pulse in his critically acclaimed Yes Studio Album Release Date Memoirs, the PP Guru is on a two day Marillion excursion as three of the band members, Steve Hogarth - piano and vocals, Peter Trewavas, bass, and Steven Rothery, guitars are doing some acoustic shows in the West Hollywood area (touring under the sublime title of Los Trios Marillos). The PP Guru saw them play last night at the Keyclub and they were just fucking magnificent as always, giving us die hard fans a two and a half set of nothing but stripped down piano/guitar selections from their latest Marbles albums and many songs that the PP Guru has never heard them perform live before off of several independently released albums that they never toured behind (due to a long even year absence of not raising enough cash to tour the USA due to being bounced from their major label, EMI - so the US fans themselves had to splurge for the last 1997 Strange Engine tour- PP Guru included) including; Radiation, and Anaraknophobia.

So the PP Guru is going to see a little short encore performance being held free tonight at the Tower Records off on Sunset Blvd and maybe get autographs and pictures. Who knows when this very underappreciated band will be back in the states again, but if they keep scoring more resurgent UK top ten singles such as "You're Gone " and "Don't Hurt Yourself", then anything's possible.

Tomorrow, the PP Guru will resume his month long series with the schizophrenic side of Yes - Two Face Yes, for a more apt description. How can two separate bands fighting for the rights to the same name co-exist in peace and harmony? All shall soon be revealed, my precious sagettes.

And also who will be stirring below the PP Guru's belt, the PP Guru wonders?

The one who let the genie out of the box was none other than: ~ Coat


  • At 10:17 AM , Blogger Coat said...

    The songs performed at Tower were

    80 Days
    Don't Hurt Yourself (whoring for DVD sales period)
    Answering Machine
    Man of a Thousand Faces
    and as a bonus encore per fan request: A Collection.

    Just as yellow ribbon reminder when the pics come in.

    Hogarth QA : Did Angeline Jolie sprout in you mind when writing Angelina A: No actually it was Margretina, a DJ on Cable radio. Billboard in London of her makes her look a call girl. Had to change name for legal purposes.

    Rothery Q: Will you ever get around to do a follow up to Wishing Tree and that girl on the cover looks very fetching.

    Trewavas Q: Just a compliament on his work on Keno. John Mitchell used to be a friend. Hung out with him and Matt Goodluck when visiting out here for PRog festival. Went to UA City walk.
    Trewavas to PP Guru: Oh wow, you know Matt Goodluck?




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