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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


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Get angry people and act on it!

Tsunami nations give relief advice to U.S.

September 5, 2005

The nations hard hit by last year's devastating tsunami are now lending advice to the United States on how to cope with the Katrina crisis.

Nopadol Somboonsub, the head of tsunami corpse identification in Thailand noted that the U.S. needs to "...examine the bodies slowly and put all the data into a computer," and added that "It's very important to get it right. You cannot assume that this or that body is the right body simply because a relative identified it."

Somboonsub noted that life insurance and identity theft fraud are all matters to consider when dealing with body identification. Somboonsub speaks from a position of experience, his team having dealt with the identities of 5,395 corpses of various ethnicities in Thailand.

In India too, experts have advice for the U.S. For instance, one unnamed Indian official said that nations should not be arrogant when it comes to handling disasters. He also stated that "In India, for all its vastness, we have a very easily operable contingency plan for disasters at the grassroots level. It is not a highly complicated national response system."

He emphasized that relief is most important on the local level: "A person at the grassroots level knows that sandbags have to be organized, identifies likely places of breaches, plans clearing debris and setting up relief camps and cooking centers."

In Aceh, in Indonesia, Budi Atmadi, head of relief operations, said that humanitarian concerns must come first.

"In that period, the blame game is rampant because one person will always say the relief has been slow while another says there are so many limitations. The blame game will always be there so your ears need to be thick," Atmadi stated, along with "The important thing is to stay committed and put humanitarian concerns at the top."

The United States has so far only accepted help from other countries in the form of monetary aid and oil.


New Orleans Police Department officer commits suicide

September 6, 2005

Hurricane Katrina
Superdome refuge center

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Sgt. Paul Accardo was found dead last Saturday, in an unmarked police car. The officer, who served as a chief spokesperson for the New Orleans Police Department, committed suicide sometime last week.

"Paul was a stellar guy. A perfectionist. Everything had to be just right," said Sgt. Joe Narcisse, who worked with Sgt. Accardo. Working 20-hour days after Hurricane Katrina rolled through, seeing the dead and injured, hearing the cries of helpless families, and being unable to help them got to Accardo, said Capt. Marlon Defillo.

The New Orleans Police Department has suffered heavy losses in personnel. As many as 400 to 500 officers were unaccounted for, likely to be searching for their families, or attempting to return to what is left of their homes. But Accardo is the second suicide death to hit the force since the storm. Officials say that officers were being cycled off-duty, and received vacations, as well as counseling, to help reduce the grief and anguish that many officers are experiencing.

Funeral services are planned for Wednesday. Accardo is survived by his wife, Anne, his mother, a brother and a sister, and eight nieces and nephews.


Wheelchair-bound Australian rescued in New Orleans

September 6, 2005

A 75 year old wheelchair-bound Australian man has been rescued from his home in New Orleans. Keith Faulkner was rescued by a neighbour after floodwaters stranded him in his home for five days. Mr Faulkner is suffering from cancer. He was left behind by his family as floodwaters rose.

"When the flooding started his family had no choice but to leave themselves, and he was left in the house as best they could manage," the Australian ambassador to the United States said.

The man was eventually moved by neighbours to a nursing home in Lafayette.

"He was rescued by a neighbour after five days stranded in his house and he's been in a nursing home in Lafayette, Louisiana," said Alexander Downer, Minister for Foreign Affairs.

The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs has been criticised for the lack of support provided to Australian victims of the disaster. The Labor Party has been particularly scathing in its attacks.

"The bottom line is this: when it comes to helping Australians on the ground, the Australian Government has failed miserably to persuade its closest friend and ally - the United States Government - to allow Australian consular officials access to help our own people," said opposition defence spokesman Kevin Rudd. Mr Rudd was referring to the US governments refusal of a request by Australian consular officials to enter New Orleans and search for Australians.

"You need a few days to allow people to assess the situation and to deploy personnel. But a week later, we have one official go in and can only stay there until night-time and then has to skedaddle out of there. I mean, what's happening here? It's just not good enough," he added.

Some people have been critical of the Australians caught in the disaster. Former Federal Liberal Pary Minister Wilson Tuckey attacked the victims, suggesting that they should have left New Orleans earlier.

"Why was the woman quoted by the Leader of the Opposition today so insistent, not that the Prime Minister get her out of her problems, but the Australian taxpayer get her out of her problems, when in fact all the warnings we heard here in Australia [said it] was unwise to stay," he said.


Japan weathers Typhoon Nabi
September 5, 2005

Typhoon Nabi as found here: Natural hazards

Japan has been lashed relentlessly by Typhoon Nabi, with nine meter high waves and torrential downpours. It had been classified as a Category 4 storm, the same strength as the recent Hurricane Katrina in the United States, but was later downgraded to Category 3.

Flood warnings were issued from north Okinawa to Tokyo. Rain amounts were predicted to be greater than 19 inches (483 millimeters) for Kyushu, Japan's third largest island, and some areas may recieve as much as 1 to 2 inches of rain per hour. "Water was almost reaching the second floor. I was really frightened," said a woman in her 50s.

The typhoon knocked power and water out for thousands of homes and has so far claimed two lives, including one man struck by lightning. Over 500 people were evacuated on the Northern Mariana Islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota.

Nabi is expected to swerve eastward over the next 24 hours and is likely to continue battering much of Japan and the southern and eastern parts of South Korea.


The Seattle Times:Lori Montgomery: Rove assessed $3,400 in back taxes

Karl Rove, senior adviser
to President George Bush.

Presidential adviser Karl Rove may live in Washington. But in his heart — and for voting purposes — he remains a Texan. Which means he is not legally entitled to the homestead-deduction and property-tax cap he's been getting on his Washington home for the past 3 ½ years.

Last week, the District of Columbia tax collector was alerted to the situation, and Rove agreed to reimburse the District for an estimated $3,400 in back taxes, city officials said. But some Texas officials also are wondering about the place Rove calls home.

In a letter released Friday by the White House, the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue (OTR) accepted blame for the error, which also has affected numerous members of Congress. The homestead exemption gives D.C. taxpayers a substantial tax break on their primary residences. But starting in 2002, a change in the law made it available only to Washington property owners who do not vote elsewhere, city officials said. That made Rove, and many others, ineligible. ... (complete in link) ”

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TPMCafe, NY - 17 hours ago
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Focus on who was responsible for the mess and force them out of office ASAP!! - Sparky


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