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Friday, November 11, 2005

Sparky and this Friday's Femme Fatale — a fanciful followup to the Romeo poser --

Tomoko Kawase
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  • Name: Tomoko Kawase (???? Kawase Tomoko)
  • Alias: Tommy february6, Tommy heavenly6
  • Date of Birth: February 6, 1975
  • Place of Birth: Kyoto, Japan
  • Height: 161cm / 5'3" approx. (unconfirmed)
  • Favourite colour: Red
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the brilliant green

Tomoko Kawase is probably best known as the lead vocalist and lyricist of the J-Pop band the brilliant green. She was asked to join the band in 1995 after bassist Okuda Shunsaku and guitarist Matsui Ryo heard her sing in an amateur talent contest. As the band's lyricist, she writes and sings songs in both Japanese and English - an amazing feat considering she reportedly does not speak much English.
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The Brilliant Green is a Japanese rock (or J-Rock) band. Along with The Pillows and Dir en grey, they are one of the few Japanese rock bands, or indeed artists, to gain a following in America, mostly though filesharing programs and word-of-mouth. Tomoko Kawase is their vocalist; Ryo Matsui plays electric guitar; and Shunsaku Okuda is on bass as well as acoustic rhythm guitar. He also composes much of the band's music. Most of the band members have moved on to solo projects since the release of THE WINTER ALBUM, but the group has not officially broken up. Tomoko has started a new solo career as "Tommy february6" and "Tommy heavenly6". Ryo has also started a solo career under the name "Meister".

They take much of their influence from western-style music, with over half their songs including english lyrics. Their debut album, The Brilliant Green, sold over one million copies in just two days, and their first tour, 'There Will Be Love There', sold out across Japan in only three minutes. Following the release of their 2002 album THE WINTER ALBUM, the brilliant green have been on hiatus, and on November 22, 2003 Kawase announced her marriage to fellow band mate, bassist Okuda Shunsaku.

Solo Career

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In 2001, Tomoko launched her solo career under the name of Tommy february6, a character named from a combination of her nickname and birthdate. Vastly different from the J-Rock sound of the brilliant green, Tommy february6's persona and sound are that of a generic American 1980s pop icon. Her eponymous debut album was released on the day of her 27th birthday.
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Kawase's original intention with Tommy february6 was to create a character who was far from innocent, though she appeared that cute in both sound and appearance; Tommy february6 was designed to be someone who was true to her feelings despite the cutesy nature of her outward character, do as she wanted (and as such, Tommy february6 is seen repeatedly in music videos drinking alcohol from flasks, bars, etc.) Unfortunately, the original concept started to disappoint her, and Kawase began to feel that the character could no longer maintain its purity.

After a performance as Tommy february6 in 2003, Kawase took off her glasses and donned a much more alternative look to create Tommy heavenly6, a new character with an edgy, rock sound. Kawase would later explain that Tommy heavenly6 was born from a dream that Tommy february6 had, in which she embraces all the elements of her personality she had previously been repressing. This is reflected in the promotional video for Tommy heavenly6's first single, Wait Till I Can Dream, wherein Tommy february6 drinks from a hip flask and falls asleep, only to be woken by Tommy heavenly6. Musically, she's the polar opposite of Tommy february6, and possesses an image most people would consider more dangerous, but Kawase claims that Tommy heavenly6 is far more pure and true to her heart than Tommy february6 is.

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Kawase claims that Tommy heavenly6 sprung up because of a disappointment in Tommy february6's character, but far from being a replacement, Kawase chose to keep the two characters' careers seperate. During 2003 and 2004, Tommy heavenly6 released only two singles, whilst Tommy february6 went on to release her second full album, Tommy Airline. It would be in August 2005 (nearly exactly two years after her first single) that Tommy heavenly6 would finally release her third single, which was shortly followed by her own long awaited eponymous debut album.

In addition to her own solo singing career, Kawase has produced and written songs for the idol group Tommy?angels, as well as making a protege of former soloist Hinoi Asuka.


Kawase has also made an appearance as the voice of Pikki in the anime series Piroppo, briefly modelled for Italian fashion house Fiorucci and for a period of time hosted Break Down, an MTV show.
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Her latest endeavor is as producer of Takashi Fujii's new single, entitled OH MY JULIET.


(For a discography of Kawase before 2001, visit the brilliant green's page.)

  • 2001/07/25 - EVERYDAY AT THE BUS STOP
  • 2001/11/21 - KISS ONE MORE TIME
  • 2002/01/17 - Bloomin'!
  • 2002/02/06 - Tommy february6
  • 2003/02/06 - je t'aime ? je t'aime
  • 2003/07/16 - Love is Forever
  • 2003/07/16 - Wait Till I Can Dream (as Tommy heavenly6)
  • 2004/02/11 - MaGic in youR Eyes
  • 2004/03/17 - Tommy Airline
  • 2004/05/25 - Hey My Friend (as Tommy heavenly6)
  • 2004/07/14 - L?O?V?E?L?Y ????LOVELY BOY?
  • 2005/07/19 - Ready? (as Tommy heavenly6)
  • 2005/08/23 - Tommy heavenly6 (as Tommy heavenly6)
  • 2005/11/30 - Lonely in Gorgeous
  • Tommy february6's mascot characters are Little Twin Stars, by Sanrio. They appear in numerous videos.
  • In October 2005, an exclusive Tommy february6 Blythe doll was release.
  • Tommy february6 released a photo and journal book on a trip to Hawaii.
  • Kawase is almost equally known to her fans for her music as she is infamous for her strange obsessions.
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  • During her time with the brilliant green, she was rarely seen without a plush toy (probably the Tickle Me version) of Elmo, one of the Sesame Street muppets. Kawase even went so far as to have one accompany her on stage as the band perfomed on numerous occasions.
  • Whilst in character as Tommy february6, Kawase seems to have a distinct pre-occupation with Pikachu from the anime/video game franchise Pokémon, so much so that her song L?O?V?E?L?Y ????LOVELY BOY? has been dedicated to the character. The single's cover features a picture of Tommy february6 lovingly embracing a giant plush Pikachu.
  • Less well known, but no less prominent obsessions of Kawase's include J.K. Rowling's adolescent wizard Harry Potter, to whom she has paid tribute by dressing in the Hogwarts uniform during a Tommy february6 show.
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