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Monday, June 19, 2006

SPARKY: Homework done - Bobby Jr. is going to go after Top Traitor Rove!

“... I've been meeting with attorneys... to devise a litigation strategy. And I would say that very soon we'll be announcing lawsuits against some of the individuals and companies involved. ...”
Interview: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: This month, Rolling Stone ran an investigative feature Was the 2004 Election Stolen? claiming that Republicans used a systematic combination of voter disenfranchisement and fraud, centered in Ohio, to rob John Kerry of a win in the 2004 presidential election.
“…The mastermind behind the efforts in Ohio was Kenneth Blackwell, along with…[Toledo elections official] Bernadette Noe. But on a national level, it's [Republican National Committee chairman] Kenneth Mehlman and Karl Rove. ...”

“... There's another election soon. And as the Times [just] reported, the same people are up to the same shenanigans.”

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These partisan politicians use Gay Marriage to distract people from their many crimes against America. They'll lie, cheat and steal; And when pressed they'll wrap themselves in the flag and whine “I did it for the children” ...

It's old news to us at the PPG but here, remember this?

Greg Palast is a New York Times-bestselling author and a journalist for the British Broadcasting Corporation as well as the British newspaper The Observer. His work frequently focuses on corporate malfeasance but has also been known to work with labor unions and consumer advocacy groups. Notably, he has accused Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, and Florida Elections Unit Chief Clay Roberts, along with the ChoicePoint corporation, of election fraud during the US Presidential Election of 2000 and again in 2004 when, he argued, the problems and machinations from 2000 continued and that challenger John Kerry actually would have won if not for disproportional "spoilage" of Democratic votes. [1]

Palast discovered that ChoicePoint has a bias in favor of the Republican Party and knowingly used inaccurate data during the 2000 Election. Tactics include listing voters as felons for alleged crimes said to have been committed several years in the future. In addition, people who had been convicted of a felony in a different state and had their rights restored by said state, were not allowed to vote despite the restoration of their rights. Furthermore, it is now known, that often people were listed as felons based on a coincidence of names, despite other data (such as date of birth) which showed that the criminal record did not apply to the voter in question. The scrub lists were approximately 90% wrong.

One should note Schlenther v. Florida Department of State (June 1998) which ruled that Florida could not prevent a man convicted of a felony in Connecticut, where he had not lost his voting rights, from voting. However, Florida continued to insist that felons who had been granted their full rights must first receive clemency from Governor Bush, a process which could take up to 2 years and ultimately was left to the discretion of Bush. NAACP filed suit arguing that Florida was in violation of the Voting Rights Act of 1964 and the US Constitution, while others argued that Florida was in violation of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

Palast has also unearthed evidence that he claims shows Ohio and New Mexico were really won by John Kerry in 2004, citing the results of exit polls, the second time in two Presidential elections he has uncovered evidence of a stolen election. Palast argues that as everywhere else in the world exit polls are used to judge the honesty of elections, the same should be be true in the USA.

Associated Press: SAMUEL MAULL: N.Y. Judge Issues Warrant for Boy George

NEW YORK (AP) - A clearly annoyed Manhattan judge issued an arrest warrant Friday for Boy George after the former Culture Club singer failed to appear in court to explain why he wants to change his sentence for falsely reporting a burglary.

Judge Anthony Ferrara also ridiculed the singer's suggestions for serving community service, which included a proposal to hold a fashion-and-makeup workshop. But he said he would not order an arrest until a June 26 hearing on whether Boy George violated the terms of his sentence.

The singer, whose real name is George O'Dowd, pleaded guilty in March to false reporting of a burglary at his Manhattan apartment, where police found cocaine.

Under his plea deal, O'Dowd was to enter a drug-treatment program in England and do five days of community service in Manhattan. He was also fined $1,000.

But the judge angrily complained that O'Dowd had not paid the fine and had never reported to the office that assigns community service work.

"I put people in jail who don't pay fines," the judge told O'Dowd's lawyer, Louis Freeman. "Why shouldn't I do that?"

Freeman said he had told O'Dowd, who was in England, that he did not have to appear Friday but that he should be ready to fly to New York on a moment's notice. He said the singer would be present for his next court date.

Assistant District Attorney Craig Ortner called O'Dowd's absence "audacious" and told the judge he opposed any modification of the sentence.

"The defendant got a good deal. He got a fair deal," Ortner said.
O'Dowd's drug woes reportedly led to the collapse of Culture Club, which scored the hit 1980s singles "Karma Chameleon" and "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?"

The judge ridiculed Freeman's community service proposals, which included helping teenagers make a public-service announcement, holding a fashion-and-makeup workshop, and serving as D.J. at an HIV/AIDS benefit.

His lawyer said O'Dowd hoped to do something more worthwhile than sweeping streets and sidewalks.

"There's nothing wrong with that if that's part of his punishment, but it will turn into a media circus, and the press will be following him every day," Freeman said.

The judge said he understood the objection to street cleaning: "It's humiliation." However, he said, O'Dowd "got out from under a felony, and he took a (misdemeanor) deal that had an element of humiliation. And he doesn't serve himself well by not paying the fine. We know he has the means."

Author claims Al Qaeda planned to gas New York's subway system

June 18, 2006

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An empty New York subway car

A new book claims that Al-Qaeda made plans to gas the New York subway system in 2003. According to extracts due to be published in next week's Time magazine, the author of The One Percent Doctrine, Ron Suskind, asserts that Al-Qaeda's number 2 cancelled the attack 45 days before it was due.

Suskinds book states "U.S. intelligence learned of the plot from a laptop computer belonging to a Bahraini jihadist captured in Saudi Arabia in early 2003."

The book continues, "The computer contained plans for an easily constructed and concealed device that releases deadly hydrogen-cyanide gas using a remote trigger."

The CIA built a prototype of those designs shown on the computer and then showed it to the United States President, George W. Bush. The President then ordered an alert to all levels of the US government.

Al-Qaeda had planned to put them in the subway cars and other strategic places.

The Guru wants one: Sumo Suit The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

- Sparks


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