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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sparky: Trying to scare up some folks to go see Mighty Mike and his band — Sleeper City

Mikey writes: Hello! This Saturday, my band, Sleeper City, and my new short haircut are playing in Little Tokyo at Live Jazz (366 E. 2nd St., LA, CA, 90012), hosted by The Cocaine. We've been getting reviews for our EP and they've been pretty sweet. Also, the EP is available on iTunes (getting us ever closer to our van).

So, basically, I'd like to rock with my homies and then rock some delicious Japanese grilled food. Yakatori, Fried Cheese, grilled oysters... So delicious (I ain't paying. That'll be when the wheelbarrows of money start coming in). Next door to Live Jazz is a place called Haraulalu (I think) and it's awesome (I know). We're going to grub it up after we rock the house. So, I sure hope you can make it out to the show. Take care and hope to see you this Saturday.

Saturday, October 21st
10:30pm / $5
@ The Cocaine @ Live Jazz
366 E. 2nd St.
Little Tokyo-LA


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