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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

YOUR PP GURU NOT SO IN LOVE ANYMORE continues with yet another chapter.

Chapter 5

You're Never Truly Alone With A Schizophrenic!!

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Originally presented on June 29, 2006

Last night's California Super Lotto reached $90 million. No winners yet. I picked up my usual matching tab of three numbers on one ticket $9.00, another one with a number and a mega number, $2.00, and one more with just the mega number $1.00. Total chump change came out to: $12.00. Total play: 30 tickets for $ 29.00. This coming Saturday's jackpot is $98 million and I will be getting 30 tickets minus my winnings for $ 18.00.

It just doesn't pay to get out of bed and wrack your mind with math word problems.

Thanks so much for the new adds this week - of course, you all know you who are. I've been on here for less than a month and already I have close to 100 friends and some have complimented me on the hat (which was a loan by Lixi by the way) - I have to get Santos Sparky to download a couple more revealing photos ( not as revealing as some of my new European friends photo gallery, that is.) of me doing other sorts of fun stuff. There's some good photos of me playing the violin while I was visiting my aunt's house in New Mexico last Christmas. And maybe if you're all good little boy and girl blog readers - I'll get Santos Sparky to download some of my Deposit Man pages.

The Deposit Man is a name of a comic book I write, produce, and publish- in case some of you didn't know. I've written and published 5 books so far. I have another 4 waiting in the can. Just need that $98 million as a campaign contribution.

I really dig the Frost material. I'm going to be lining up to pick that one up when it comes out from Insideout Music next month on July 18th.

This past weekend was a another interesting weekend for Lixi and I. I left off last week with the breakdown story - since then Lixi has had a sit down with me explaining the situation. She had taken a Valium that day - and totally spaced out, not realizing that she had called me and had to taken another to come down (hence the big blow out). She has been depressed lately- probably due to the concept of not handling forty too well. I think she's beginning to realize that she can't keep doing what she's been doing for the best five or six years - which is escorting . Don't get me wrong - she looks spectacular for her age - but if you get within a few feet of her - you'll begin to notice nasty wrinkles forming on all areas of her body - that not even pond's skin creme could magically wipe away.

Other than playing $30 dollar lotto shots - I took a different kind of gamble with Lixi last weekend. I don't know if I purposily meant to manipulate her into seeing a different side of me - to show what kind of past I've come from before moving into this condo from hell (if you read my real blog - The Purple Pinup Guru Platform on Blogger- I jokingly refer to my current place of residence as Peyote Place and tell many tall tales of my wacked out neighbors there- Lixi included) not knowing if it was going to come to a satisifying payoff.

Two years ago - I used to live in this expensive house in Sherman Oaks with a old couple who were insurance agents. The husband used to own a comic book shop as a side business that I was associated with. Their house was at one time owned by Jack Haley - the guy who played the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz movie. I lived in this house close of up to eight years and their children sort of became of my adoptive brothers and sisters. So I'm really close to one of the daughters named Rebecca- I've sort of became her surrogate brother after her real adoptive brother passed away about 5 years ago of a heart attack - and I had happened to be the last person he had talked to before he died. but that's a another story for another time. Since the eight years, I known Rebecca, I've seen her go through two husbands. She has two wonderful kids, one from each husband. Both girls are now considered to be my nieces. So in order to condense history..this past weekend I invited both ex-husbands (who get along famously with each other. as do I ) to come up to my pool and to bring their daughters with them without knowing if Lixi would come out of her shell or not. But I had my fingers crossed that she would

As soon as they arrived, I took Jojo, the youngest being 2, up into my arms and carried her to the pool. Lixi finally came out and she was preparing to sunbathe. Once Lixi saw me with the baby in my arms hugging me back- you should have seen the look of awe creep up on her face. It was as she was seeing me in a variant light

She had never seen my 'uncle' side before nor interact with children The funny thing was: I've never seen her interact with children before either. So Olivia, the oldest who will be turning 9 after July 4th, got instant admiration from Lixi. Lixi was generous enough to allow Olivia borrow her swim fins and googles.

It was quite a moment to behold. I got to see a whole total different side of her that day. I would assume that she had once wished that she had raised a daughter.

Well, it somehow must have made an impression on her, because just a few days ago: Lixi called me on the cell asking if Olivia could come over and use her slip and slide that she's constructing. I told her, I'd have to get Becky's permission.

So I was thinking - was this the wrong thing for me to do? I mean, all I was trying to accomplish was to show her that I came from a place where I wasn't neglected and perhaps pass on the tradition of showing her that she too, can achieve a sense of belongness or be initiated into a family, that she doesn't have to be alone all the time. I'm not usually the type to orchestrate - but I had to show her that I'm made up of several different layers - and there's one that has a parental instinct built in - not that I'm implying that I would ever want to have a kid with her (she already has a twenty year old son from her first marriage) - but using Olivia and Jojo as a contrivance that I'm just as much as a giver to them as I am to her will maybe woo her in showing her that my love for her is pure and genuine and that I'm not just some guy who wants to stick his penis in her all the time just get his rocks off her (of which she really doesn't have much use for anyway - but she once did used to dig the way I used to go down... uh, never mind - yet another story for another time) . I'm just a guy who genuinely wants to be number one in her heart, and for the foreseeable future, I realize that's the safest place for me to be..for right now.

(Editor's note: Wait in months to come, you'll learn that the PP Guru has had to eat his words! )

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