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Tuesday, April 17, 2007


The PP Guru is almost certain that there isn't anyone in his blog studio audience who isn't pissed off- not just pissed off, mind you PP Guruettes - but both extremely pissed off and helpless to do anything to change the knobs of the PP Guru Time machine to prevent the tragedies of the past few days which occured on the campus grounds of Virginia Tech.

Things are massively getting out of control. Today's youth has no direction other than the rap that somehow preaches with its 'lyrics that it's okay for cowardly men to degenerate women and cause wanton physical bouts of violence and prey upon the sick and the elderly without breaking a sweat.

The mortal timekeeper of these fantastical flights of fancy blog entires, Cary Coatney will have a real humdinger of a story to tell you on his myspace blog about a incident that transpired over last weekend in the San Fernanado Valley close to him. It's guaranteed to curl your PP Guru cuticles. That will be posted on Thursday on

What can you say when one crazed individual - who was in this country on work or student visa decides to one day just lose his freakin' marbles and go dog poo poo platter crazy which results in causing total mayhem by shooting anyone randomly without discrimination? This makes the PP Guru ponder who or what decides when the healing can end? Why does some insignificent confused embittered soul, who at a confused young age couldn't hack the ramifications of a simple break up with a girlfriend ( but then who is a PP Guru to talk about temptous affairs of the heart?) and to take his agression and frustration on a unexpected populace? How can we ease the consumer soul of new DVD's, videogames, comic books, and progressive rock albums when we have the pall of death permeating the air above?

The PP Guru wants to sit all of you down and honestly ask you:

Of the 32 people that just died -

Don't you think that at least one or two of them were...kind of looking forward to seeing the new DVD release of....Spider-Man 2.1 ( and it would be stupid not to mention the fact that maybe one or two of these students or professors could have brought it upon themselves to purchase advance tickets online of the May 4th midnight screening of the movie?) with eight minutes of restores scenes and extended action sequences?, 3 all new featurettes on visual effects, editing, and sound design or a good five minutes worth of Spidey 3 preview clips?

Don't you think that some poor soul over at Virgina Tech was looking forward to head over to the nearest Best Buy and to plunk down $ 12.99 the sales price of his or hers' hard-earned student allowance just to posess that two disc precious little puppy?

Instead we, the nation, both conservative and liberal are headed for another war of words on the subject of gun control - and in all the while, the germination of the thought police are starting to gather full steam ahead. just because of one wormy bad apple - our story ideas or our springboard of ideas are going to be under close scrunity. Because of one lone mentally affected individual, we're going to have to once again, curbtail the violence in super-hero cartoons.

PP Guru


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