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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Are We Dealing With The “Song Bird”? Is McCain a Worse Traitor than Karl Rove? The NVA called him the "Prince" ...

And the injuries that ail him now - were self inflicted when he ejected himself out his jet wrong. Will he cop to being a ridiculous incompetent. What will he tarnish next in his mad lust for power? 

John McCain may have been able to stifle the free speech of a sixty year old librarian outside his town hall meeting in Denver, but later inside, he was unable to tell the truth when questioned by a fellow Viet Nam Vet about his voting record on veteran's affairs. Why, as a candidate who uses his military service as the cornerstone of his campaign, does John McCain always becomes defensive and evasive when Veterans issues or his Viet Nam experience is mentioned?

When will the truth begin to leak out about his military service in Viet Nam, and his disservice to POW/MIA and veterans issues?

Here are two Youtube playlists that have McCain's number.

The first, "McSame's POW/MIA Bomb" is a collection of videos that cover the truth about his capture and captivity in Viet Nam as well as his disservice to POW/MIA and veterans issues. The videos include testimonials by Dr. Joseph Douglas Jr., Tracy Usry former Chief Investigator US Senate, Senator Bob Smith (R-NH), Representative Bob Dornan (R-CA), Al Santoli American Foreign Policy Council, Former Congressional Chief of Staff, Corporal Bob Dumas US Army (Ret), Dr. James Lucier former US Senate Chief of Staff, and Lt. Col. Earl Hopper Special Forces Intelligence (Ret.).

The second, "All Things McSame" is a collection of videos addressing the McCain Campaign's ties to the mortgage crisis, the Enron Loophole, the support of violent and abusive dictators, the aiding of money launderers (terrorist) pre & post 911. This playlist also sheds light on McCain's constant pandering and flip flopping, as well as his campaigns use of fear as a political weapon.


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