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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Professional Accreditation Guide
College Degree Equivalency Program Form
Name of Applicant for ASA Accreditation: ___________________________________________________________
Chapter Name and Number: ___________________________________________________________
A college degree represents four years of education beyond the secondary (high school) level. In terms of hours, such a degree means that the individual has completed approximately 120 semester hours, or 180 quarter hours, of college courses, or the equivalent of 1,800 hours of classroom instruction time. This total does not include class preparation, laboratory time, study time or the time required to do term papers and the special projects required by some courses of study. In other words, 450 hours of equivalency equals one year of college.

ASA’s equivalency policy attempts to equate business/work experience (other than that required for accreditation as an appraiser—two years for AM and five years for ASA) and other noncollege educational courses to a four-year college program. This policy is similar to that of many colleges and universities that give credit for business/work/life experiences toward an undergraduate degree. Most such institutions limit such credit to an equivalency maximum of two
years. Attach to this application all appropriate documentation to support your equivalency as described below:
A. College/university courses completed
1 ______ years
B. Professional designations earned
2 ______
C. Seminars, courses, conferences, institutes, lectures, etc., attended
2 ______ hours
D. Articles, papers and/or books published ______
E. Two years of appraisal experience can be credited for one year of college over and above
______ years the two-year Accredited Member and five-year Accredited Senior Appraiser requirement.
F. Business/work experience that is not appraisal/valuation related cannot be counted toward
______ years the society’s full-time appraisal experience requirement but can be credited toward degree equivalency; the same is true for teaching, administrative or supervisory positions (other than those of appraisal functions), personal property acquisition and retailing, museum or gallery supervision, etc. Such experience, for equivalency, may be credited at the rate of one year of equivalency for two years of degree equivalency.

I hereby certify that the above equivalencies are a true and correct representation of my applicable education and experience. I understand that misrepresentation may result in a denial of my application for accreditation or other appropriate disciplinary action under ASA’s constitution, bylaws and administrative rules.

Signature ______________________________________________________
Date _________________
1 Attach transcripts or other appropriate documentation.
2 Need not be related to the appraisal profession.


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