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Friday, June 25, 2004


No blog for you this weekend.

Five days, 5 hours of sleep per day and 18 hours of work per day would make anyone a Nazi.

Well, maybe I can say a few words.

As of this morning- The new Deposit Man book, The Deposit Man & the Last Great Gate of Mortality ACT TWO is officially off to the Brenner Printing Plant. Oliver and I labored and bickered over it hard the past week and for a project that I was almost readily dismiss as doomed with so many obstacles being thrown in its' way both left and right - I proud to say that it comes out smelling like a rose. Even Oliver, with so many disagreements and which some I had to kowtow to because of our deadline to get this ready for San Diego really amped up the production and overall design of the book a thousand times over, including the cover - which according to Mas's ability was mediocre as compared to his first and the one to ACT THREE - comes out smelling like a carnation.

Well- I wish I go on about the hectic week in politics- but I'm totally exhausted. I'm going to go for some sack time right now- totally obvious to the fact that a REAL PRESIDENT is in town AT THIS VERY MOMENT signing his Harry Potter sized tome over in Century City.

And Dick Cheney using the words "go fuck yourself" to a fellow senator on the floor of the House Senate go good together like peanut butter & chocolate.

And the audacity of Bush flying out to Ireland to speak about terrorism- a country that just got over taking care if it's own terrorism problem AND in the meantime is rude to a female television reporter over the reasons why America is in such a debacle....





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