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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

MEAN to the
Part 4

Oh no! More future nitrite celluloid dreams for the PP Guru!! What it can it all possibly mean?

Lord, (figuratively speaking) here comes the flood:

The Last Bachelor Party, Lighting Mann, A Spell for Chameleon, The Wrestler, The Expendables (ha ha ha ha, the PP Guru really likes that one. But why does the PP Guru like that one, he wonders?), The Breaks, Aloft, Ender's Game, Rule of Four, Beowulf, To Live and Die in LA, August Rush, Legion, Mayor of Castro Street, Worst Friends, Retribution, Clash of the Titans, 1906, A Sound of Thunder, Starting to Happen, 87 Fleer, Sleeping Father, Speedo, Old Man & A Gun, The Brave One, Bitter End, Wild Horses - Wild Heart, Huges & Wildside, and finally Yogi Bear.

Yogi Bear? Now why would the PP Guru be dreaming about Yogi Bear?

Is he hiberatinating some kind of a hard- on fetish for hairy backs and oily picnic baskets filled to the brim with Lubaderm?

He should hope not.

The day hasn't been entirely shot. During today's work session at an office owned by a very popular movie studio, the PP Guru unearthed some old dusty scripts from a tv show he hardly even has heard of that originally aired in the sixties called The Lieutenant.

Like the PP Guru says he has never heard of the show, but a google search and a visit to has revealed that show only lasted for one season and has listed Robert Vaughn (in his pre Man From U.N.C.L.E leading man days ) and Richard Anderson (a decade well before Six Million Dollar Man) in the leading roles about Marine life on the base of Camp Pendelton
before World War II broke out. What shocked the PP Guru was that this show was produced by Gene Roddenberry two years before he became a solar household word with Star Trek.

The PP Guru wouldn't mind sampling an episode of that, maybe he should arrange another trip down the Museum of Television and Radio in Beverly Hills and plunder their video library. If that was the PP Guru sole attention, but they are not available on DVD as everything these days should be.

What the PP Guru wouldn't mind see these gems turning up on DVD in the near future:

Rat Patrol

(this image was on the lunch boxes - Sparky)

Kolchak the Night Stalker

Garrison's Gorillas



Ralph Bakshi's Mighty Mouse
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Land of the Giants, Time Tunnel, or Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea season sets (to add to the rest of the PP Guru's sixties sci-fi revolution.
The PP Guru is sure there is more, but he thinks he burnt out more of his brain cells than guru humanly possible.

As Fatigue settles in to the:

~ Coat


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