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Sunday, July 24, 2005



What has PP Guru been doing on the DVD front lately? Well, just to cut things short, because the PP Guru has to go home early to work on post Comic Con matters, the PP Guru has provided a rundown of what he watches on DVD on a day to day basis.

Sunday the
PP Guru gets up in the morning to watch Marvel Superhero cartoons from Buena Vista's four disc release of the 1994-1995 Fantastic Four cartoons with Stan Lee introductions, then some Spider-Man cartoons from that same era with more Stan Lee introductions included. Then to top the morning off- it's the two-disc WILDC.a.t.s release of the Jim Lee inspired cartoon- just as lame as he remembers them.

Sunday evening after a long summer's day of seeing flicks, the PP Guru winds down with a episode of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman from that collection and a episode off the third season of Wonder Woman box set of which the PP Guru has never seen because the PP Guru thought that Wonder Woman was for sissys - but now that the PP Guru has a better appreciation of Lynda Carter's assets and pantyhose leggings- he no longer feels it's sissy televison, in fact it's required PP Guru viewing these days when he doesn't have porn around. Then as a nightcap, the PP Guru delves into a old mystery movie from his Treeline Mystery movie collection, usually featuring Bulldog Drummond, Sherlock Holmes, Dick Tracy, or the Shadow.

Mondays- after the PP Guru whips Cary Coatney into shape in scripting a couple of Deposit Man pages, he puts on a DVD movie from the pile that keeps growing with comic book based features ( the PP Guru still hasn't sat down with the direct to DVD feature of Man-Thing yet- but last Tuesday he also stumbled upon the new Crow movie. Sheesh movie companies - slow down already and let the PP Guru catch up, ok?

On other weeknights after the PP Guru beats Cary Coatney into more scripted page submission, the PP Guru rewards him with a episode from the just released 1980's Twilight Zone box set of Season Two and Three and then's it on to a episode culled from a HBO box set which alternates between episodes of Oz, Sopranos, Deadwood, or Tales From the Crypt.

Saturday mornings - the PP Guru goes retro with DC Saturday morning smatterings of Ren & Stimpy - the Third and Fourth Season, Harvey Birdman- Attorney At Law, Superfriends Volume Two and the last season box set of Batman: The Animated Series.

Wow- the PP Guru is just DVD crazy on these doggie do days of summer. the PP Guru needs a goddamn life or a he needs a good game of grabass.

So the PP Guru has more comic con photos to show you and he'll get them up soon for you.

In the meantime, although not DVD related- it soon will be, the PP Guru found this item concerning the new V for Vendetta movie (the PP Guru saw the trailer yesterday for the first time when he realized he paid too much to see the Island, or was that Logan's Run? Or was that THX-1138? Or was that Minority Report? The Andromeda Strain? Whatever the fuck he gets them all confused. So here we have in purple speak:

"Portman's 'Vendetta' To Keep London Explosion Storylines"

Producers of Natalie Portman's forthcoming film V For Vendetta have refused to edit out scenes of bombings on the London Underground train network, despite the recent terrorist attacks in the British capital. Fifty-five people were killed and over 700 injured when a double-decker bus and three trains were blown apart by suicide bombers on July 7. Last week, one person was injured during four failed terror attacks on different underground railway lines and a bus in east London. In V For Vendetta, a futuristic London is the target of a terrorist attacks and sees the tube lines destroyed by bombings. Executive producer Joel Silver says, "It's a great time for this movie. It's a controversial film and it's a controversial time. It's going to make people think." Fellow producer David Lloyd adds, "In terms of what happened in London it's important to try and understand what leads people to terrorism. There should be lots of movies made about terrorists." Director James McTiegue explains, "Terrorism is one of those themes that never really goes away."

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