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Friday, July 22, 2005



So the PP Guru was thinking about the second botched attempt on his neighboring Londoners this morning- (afternoon Earl Grey tea time their time) and couldn't help but wonder: how many sleeper cells do these Al Qaeda schmoes have all togetherin the world anyway? Why, they're opening up faster than a branch of Washington Mutual or a Bank of America. The PP Guru is elated that his favorite tribal people over the pond have emerged from this practically unscathed. This little mnemonic moment also sparks me up about my second biggest complaint concerning the San Diego Comic Con Internatonal convention that took place last week.

Appears that the San Diego Padres were also booked to the rafters at their new eye sore stadium which was built a couple of years back just a few blocks away from the Clarion Hotel (where the PP Guru in his drippy drooling fanboy days- used to partake in nightly get-togethers of snacky-poos and watch people play D&D for a good portion of the night- but essentially he was there to descend on the free eats since he never had money to afford a half way decent meal(c'mon, you'd be hard pressed not to refuse a free Togo's sandwich too!He also had a few of his monthly comic con committee meetings there when he was helping running things in the small press department). The city should have known before hand that the comic con attendees and the jocks were going to eventually clash - and therefore we wind up with...unnecessary congestion- not only on the trolley tracks spilling out to the pavement and the streets. All this pandemonium would have made a great target for Islam extremists - not that they would know where San Diego is anyway.

The PP Guru left the show during one Saturday away from the convention site to get a much more affordable meal since the CONGESTED lines at the CAFE EXPRESS (a misnomer if the PP Guru has ever heard of one) were charging 8 bucks for a Ham Sandwich which was nothing more than two slices of ham, a slice of Provolone cheese jammed in between a soggy roll. The PP Guru needed energy- and thus embarked on a sorjourn for a smoothie up to the Horton Plaza which was approximately 6 blocks up from the convention center. Now the PP Guru checked his Fantastic Four movie digital clock that were given out as free promos at the con- it said 12:58 and he was off for a delicious giant cup of frosty fruity goodness.
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You heard right- one hour and a half later- because what the PP Guru had to contend with was lines to get back to the hall- cut through the swath of the locust gathered in the hall and what was spilt over in the streets and drop off points and even making his way through the crowded Gaslamp Quarter area of town- he wounded up in yet another line at JAMBA JUICE to pick up his Razzmatazz smoothie that MOTHER GRIM allowed him to phone in an HOUR and a half before on her cellphone.

The PP Guru found it hard pressed to even do the nightlife scene. He tried to make it to the Eisner Awards but this was the first time he ever had to sit this one out. The trolley lines were severly atrociously backed up because the system just inaugurated a new GREEN LINE to go along with the RED and BLUE ( What the fuck- where the PURPLE Line for cripessakes?)three trains went by the Old Town station that said OUT OF SERVICE and thereby the PP Guru did not get back downtown until close to eleven that night- the Eisners having just getting out. Even as the PP Guru got off the trolley station near the Hyatt and was about to cross the track- lo, and behold, a 300 plus car Union Pacific Locomotive tooks it's sweet goddamn time getting across- and the PP Guru got to the Hyatt to have one lousy glass of wine on the rocks and only managed to hang out for a couple of minutes with Avatar Press Robocop and Dark Horse Badlands writer Steven Grant before he decided it was a lost cause and didn't really know anybody at the bar.
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Due to the constant delaying procrastination of the San Diego Trolley Service and the San Diego Padres fans, the PP Guru had no one to play with that Friday evening.
Not Even Her ...

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