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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sparky: As your PP Guru is having fun at SDCC it's more politics for now from Happy Ninja Island —

CBS: Wilson To Bush: Fire Rove

Joseph C. Wilson:

“If he's a man of his word he ought to do what he said he'd do and fire Mr. Rove.”

Former Ambassador Joseph Wilson

Joseph C. Wilson IV (born November 6, 1949) was a United States career foreign service officer and later a diplomat between 1976 and 1998. He served as ambassador to Gabon and São Tomé and Príncipe under President George H. W. Bush, and helped direct Africa policy for the National Security Council under President Bill Clinton. He was hailed as "truly inspiring" and "courageous" by George H. W. Bush after sheltering more than a hundred Americans at the US embassy in Baghdad, and mocking Saddam Hussein's threats to execute anyone who refused to hand over foreigners. As a result, in 1990, he also became the last American diplomat to meet with Saddam Hussein (Wilson, 2003).

Wilson achieved wide notoriety due to his involvement in the verification of intelligence regarding Iraq. In 2002 he was sent to Niger to investigate the possibility that Saddam Hussein had attempted to buy uranium-enriched yellowcake. Wilson concluded that Iraq had attempted to make such a purchase, but had been unable to complete it since yellowcake mining is managed by an international consortium and supervised by the International Atomic Energy Agency (Wilson, 2003).

Controversy ensued when the British government issued a white paper asserting a threat from Iraq, on the basis of intelligence that later proved to be non-specific with respect to time. In his 2003 State of the Union Address, President Bush referred to attempts by Iraq to acquire uranium from Africa. The Bush Administration explicitly affirmed (Fleischer, 2003) this was based on a reference to Niger, but the later Butler Report confirmed the existence of what they found to be credible intelligence that Iraq was attempting to acquire uranium from Niger, see Yellowcake Forgery, and less certain intelligence that Iraq was attempting to acquire uranium from the Democratic Republic of Congo. These statements were completely consistent with Wilson's report to the CIA.

Wilson criticized the President over the Niger claims, and shortly thereafter an anonymous source leaked the fact that his wife, Valerie Plame, was a covert CIA operative to columnist Robert Novak. Wilson accused the Bush administration of attempting to discredit and intimidate him, and the Administration accused Wilson of claiming that he went to Niger at the request of Vice-President Dick Cheney when his wife was the actual person recommending him for the mission. The U.S. Congress has set up an inquiry to determine who was involved with the leak, headed by U.S. Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald.
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Valerie and John © Vanity Fair article (fair use)

Several months after the scandal broke, Senator Pat Roberts, joined by Senators Christopher Bond and Orrin Hatch, made "additional comments" following the release of the Report of Pre-war Intelligence on Iraq. In these comments they claimed, amongst other things, that Wilson's wife had "suggested her husband for the trip to Niger" and that Wilson had made statements which "were not only incorrect, but had no basis in fact." Specifically, the report said, "Interviews and documents provided to the Committee indicate that his wife, a CPD [Counterproliferation Division] employee, suggested his name for the trip."

Senator Roberts criticized Wilson for allegedly informing reporters that he had personal knowledge of the Iraq-Niger uranium documents and allegedly informing reporters that he had personal knowledge that the Iraq-Niger uranium connection had been "completely debunked," when in fact Ambassador Wilson lacked personal knowledge regarding those issues.[1]

Although Senator Roberts was clear that he and the Panel's democratic members disagreed about the inclusion of the statements above in the official report, he alleged that the panel agreed on "the underlying facts" regarding those conclusions. The other members did not confirm this alleged agreement. Apparently ignoring this dispute, many media outlets reported them as established facts from the report itself. Wilson responded to Roberts claims, pointing to numerous statements by the CIA indicating that his wife did not recommend him for the mission but never addressed that his wife lobbied to send him on the mission to Niger. The CIA considered Wilson's findings regarding the Niger link as incomplete.

In the imagination of partisans and others, Wilson became both a hero and a villain, depending on their opinions of the Bush administration and the nature of the evidence provided by Wilson and his detractors. He profited handsomely from a book about his mission to Niger, in any estimation.

Bush opponents claim Wilson is a brave man who spoke truth to power, a meme that is played up in the title of Wilson's website and his book ('The Politics of Truth'). They consider Wilson and his wife the victims of an ongoing smear campaign orchestrated by a vindictive White House.

Bush supporters consider subsequent revelations both to have reversed evaluations of Wilson’s professions of seeking truth-telling and to have portrayed Wilson as opportunistically pursuing political influence himself (as well as personal fame and money) at the expense of the credibility of the United States. They see the two considerations together as discrediting his conclusions concerning the administration's use of intelligence data concerning Iraq’s dealings with Niger as well as his claims of victimization (May, Schmidt, 2004).


  • Wilson, Joseph (July 6, 2003). What I didn't find in Africa. New York Times reprinted at Common Dreams News Center
  • Roberts, Pat (July 9, 2004). Press release. Basis for the Susan Schmidt, Clifford May, Robert Novak, and Matthew Continetti articles below.
  • Wilson, Joseph (July 19, 2004). Response to Pat Roberts Reprinted at Alternet.

External links

  • Neo-conservatives and religious conservatives have hijacked this administration, and I consider myself on a personal mission to destroy both. -- 2003 October 1
  • "Iraq is a country that remembers its history, dating back millennia. [The Iraqis] will outlive this occupation. They will make our lives difficult there. At the end of it, I think the chances are really very good that the consequences will be far graver to our national security than they were going in."
  • In the issue war in Iraq, it was very clear to me that the policies that were being espoused by neoconservatives were totally devoid of substance … but they marketed it wonderfully. -- 2005 February 15
  • The spin overwhelms the substance. That’s very clearly what happened. -- 2005 February 15
  • We’re not very good… Democrats are not very good at messaging. -- 2005 February 15
  • As I’ve said repeatedly, Republicans are very good at describing things in black and white; Democrats are very good at describing the 11 shades of gray. -- 2005 February 15
  • "If he's a man of his word he ought to do what he said he'd do and fire Mr. Rove."

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A Letter To The Terrorists, From London

Just fucking poetic I say ... Bless Electricinca for pointing it out.
Hitler News for Today's Holocaust Deniers

Sparky: Canadian Jewish community up in arms over sale in Montreal of architectural sketches by Nazi dictator

Hitler's sketches go up for auction; Canadian Jews outraged

MONTREAL - A Montreal auctioneer has put four sketches by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler up for sale, sparking outrage and condemnation in Canada's Jewish community.

Montreal auctioneer Iégor de Saint Hippolyte:
"My mandate says get me the best price for those pieces,
whatever they are by Hitler, by Stalin [or] by Lenin," he
said. The current owner of the six pieces chose to remain

Iegor de Saint Hippolyte said on Tuesday that the private auction, which also includes two Christmas messages from the Nazi leader, would take place on July 19 and last only for a few minutes.

He said the current owner of the six pieces wishes to remain anonymous, and he declined to say how much he expected the sale to bring.

Asked about the morality of selling articles by and from Hitler, he said: "I am simply doing my duty, which is to transmit history to other people and to preserve objects that are important for humanity."

Hitler, German chancellor from 1933 to 1945, unleashed World War II when his armies invaded Poland in 1939. His racial policies led to the Holocaust, the organized massacre of some 6 million European Jews, largely at concentration camps such as Auschwitz.

The Canadian Jewish Congress said the sale of the sketches and of the two messages from Hitler was offensive.

"This is the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and the end of Hitler's regime, and there are still ... 15,000 in Canada who will be legitimately outraged by this desecration of the memory of what they suffered and of those who died," Max Bernard, an honorary vice-president of the Congress, said in a statement.

The four architectural sketches on auction in Montreal were made in charcoal, colored pencil and ink. One includes corrections Hitler is believed to have made to the design for an opera house in Linz, Austria, near where he was born, Saint Hippolyte said.

The opera house was designed by Hitler's chief architect Albert Speer, who subsequently became Germany's wartime armaments minister. Speer was tried at Nuremberg after the war and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

The two holiday greeting cards are dated 1935 and 1938, and bear Hitler's personal seal and signature.

Saint Hippolyte, who is affiliated with the Paris auctioneers Drouot, said he is aware of the backlash against the auction, but intends to press ahead.

He said he was considering whether to donate his auction fees to a humanitarian organization.

Hitler drawings up for auction
Ynetnews, Israel - 8 hours ago
By Reuters. MONTREAL - A Montreal auctioneer has put four sketches by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler up for sale, sparking outrage and ...
Hitler drawings to go on sale in Canada
Malaysia Star, Malaysia - Jul 12, 2005
By Robert Melnbardis. MONTREAL (Reuters) - A Montreal auctioneer has put four sketches by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler up for sale, sparking ...
Montreal auction house to sell Hitler’s art
Canadian Jewish News, Canada - 10 hours ago
By DAVID LAZARUS. The man who will be taking bids on several sketches and postcards by Adolf Hitler at a local auction later this ...
Auction of Hitler sketches raises concerns
Ottawa Citizen, Canada - 11 hours ago
MONTREAL - Despite the concerns of German historians and the Canadian Jewish Congress, a set of Adolf Hitler's architectural sketches are to be auctioned on ...
Jewish Congress objects to auction of Hitler sketches
CBC Nova Scotia, Canada - Jul 11, 2005
The Canadian Jewish Congress is calling for a stop to an upcoming auction in Montreal of sketches by Adolf Hitler. Montreal auctioneer ...
Hitler drawings to go on sale in Canada
Metro Toronto, Canada - 21 hours ago
A combination of undated handout photographs shows four architectural sketches by Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler that will be sold in an auction in Montreal later ...


Gotta wonder why Novak isn't in jail as well ... I guess the media is going to have a lynching party on the old spinmeister and his newsstooge ... - Sparky o&o


  • At 11:30 AM , Blogger ZenPupDog said...

    Retired CIA man Larry Johnson defends Valerie at TPM Cafe:

    "The misinformation being spread in the media about the Plame affair is alarming and damaging to the longterm security interests of the United States. Republicans' talking points are trying to savage Joe Wilson and, by implication, his wife, Valerie Plame as liars. That is the truly big lie.

    "For starters, Valerie Plame was an undercover operations officer until outed in the press by Robert Novak. Novak's column was not an isolated attack. It was in fact part of a coordinated, orchestrated smear that we now know includes at least Karl Rove.

    "Valerie Plame was a classmate of mine from the day she started with the CIA. I entered on duty at the CIA in September 1985. All of my classmates were undercover--in other words, we told our family and friends that we were working for other overt U.S. Government agencies. We had official cover. That means we had a black passport--i.e., a diplomatic passport. If we were caught overseas engaged in espionage activity the black passport was a get out of jail free card."

  • At 11:31 AM , Blogger ZenPupDog said...

    Here's how heated things are getting with this HuffPo posting by James Moore , co-author of "Bush's Brain":

    "The hallmarks of a Rove smear job are always the same: leak, lie, defame, obfuscate, and deny. He did it when he began a whisper campaign about Gov. Ann Richards' sexuality. He did it when he used surrogates in South Carolina to suggest that Sen. John McCain was mentally unstable and may have fathered a black child out of wedlock and he did it in the last election when he used the Swift Boat Veterans as a front group to proffer lies about John Kerry's time in Vietnam."

    I'd respectfully suggest there is no hard evidence tying Rove to any of this.

    Congressional Quarterly editor David Rapp has to remind his reporters to act like, well, reporters, according to Romenesko :

    "The petition in support of Judith Miller's refusal to reveal her confidential sources is a worthy effort. But as CQ reporters and editors, we must take the extreme position of neutrality and disengagement. Her case is too close to an ongoing story that we are, and will be, covering in the publications of Congressional Quarterly. And the problem is, we don't know where this story leads and what the outcome will be, and thus how we will have to cover it. For that reason, as much as we all feel solidarity with a fellow reporter and colleague, CQ editorial staff should not sign this petition."

    Fred Barnes cites no "double super secret background" sources here, but he says Alberto is almost definitely staying put:

    "Though he defended Attorney General Alberto Gonzales against conservative critics, President Bush now appears highly unlikely to nominate Gonzales to replace retiring Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Nor is Gonzales expected to be chosen to fill a second vacancy on the high court should Chief Justice William Rehnquist or another justice steps down in the near future.

    "The president, of course, could change his mind and pick Gonzales. But a better bet now is that he will choose a woman, an option recommended by First Lady Laura Bush. Judge Edith Brown Clement of the 5th U.S. Court of Appeals is considered a possibility. Bush, who met with Senate leaders Tuesday to discuss the court vacancy, is expected to announce a nominee by the end of July.

    "It is unclear how seriously the president ever regarded Gonzales as a potential court choice or if he was steered away from Gonzales at the urging of conservatives who want Bush to move the court to the right in its judicial philosophy. But the president is believed to have had reasons for not picking Gonzales all along.

    "One is that he just installed Gonzales in the AG job, one of the top four cabinet posts, a few months ago. Having already rewarded Gonzales with a promotion, he doesn't owe him another one."

  • At 11:34 AM , Blogger ZenPupDog said...

    Jail him!


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