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Sunday, September 18, 2005


Rove's patsy or another
one of the "Gang of Pirates" brown-nosing the traitor? Let's inquire!

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Karl Rove has been a frequent target of critics of the Bush administration, and is presently embroiled in controversy for possibly having revealed the identity of undercover CIA agent Valerie Plame to at least one reporter in retaliation for her husband's strong criticisms of the administration.

Does anyone out in readerland doubt the most famous of America's Top Traitors Karl Rove's ability to totally screw over a mere minority woman attorney by getting his friend Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams — appointed by the Governor Republican Rick Perry with the advice and consent of the Senate — to wrongfully terminate her - Here's the contact information to find out more:

“... Rove, who was touring the hurricane-damaged Gulf Coast with President Bush yesterday, was unavailable for comment, White House spokeswoman Erin Healy said. She said Rove never intended to make an improper claim to the deduction.

"When Mr. Rove purchased the home in January 2001, he qualified for the exemption. He was not made aware of the changes in D.C. law," Healy said. "Now that it has been brought to his attention, he is making restitution. He certainly was not trying to mislead anybody."

Going forward, Healy said, Rove will forgo the exemption and tax cap on his Washington house -- valued at more than $1.1 million -- rather than give up his status as a Texas voter. But that raises a new set of questions.

Rove sold his longtime home in Austin in 2003. He was getting a homestead exemption there, too. So for three years, from 2001 until the sale, Rove was claiming homesteads in Texas and Washington, which is, technically, illegal, according to tax collectors in both cities. "Strictly speaking, you can only have one homestead," said Art Cory, chief tax appraiser in Travis County, Tex.

Cory said he would, nonetheless, probably not bother to investigate. ...”

Perhaps Art wants to keep his job.

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An attorney with the Texas secretary of state's office was fired after speaking to a Washington Post reporter who wrote an article about above presidential adviser Karl Rove
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Rove Crony Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams who wrongfully terminated Elizabeth Reyes for unintentionally exposing Top Traitor Karl Rove's little bit of tax and voter fraud. - Strike while the irony is hot!

SEATTLE TIMES: AP: Lawyer fired over “Rove” quote

Elizabeth Reyes said: “ ... the fateful phone call she fielded last week from an unknown party involved answering a hypothetical question — "If someone had a rental cottage and it's really old and shabby looking and it looks like no one lives there, could that be a residence for voting?" is how she remembers the question.

"I said if it's falling down and its uninhabitable I don't think it would be anyone's fixed place of habitation," Reyes said Friday. "I also said whether you rent or own doesn't determine residency. It's largely based on intentions. If you intend to return, (you can register to vote there)."

Reyes said she didn't know she was speaking to a reporter and that Rove never was mentioned. ...

On Saturday, the Post ran a correction stating that Reyes had not been asked about Rove by name and that the story should have mentioned Reyes' explanation about the intent to return.

Robert J. McCartney, the paper's assistant managing editor for local news, said that Montgomery identified herself as working for the Post in both conversations. He also said that although Montgomery didn't mention Rove by name, she told Reyes in the second interview that the inquiries were about a presidential adviser who had moved from Texas to Washington.

Reyes said Friday that she was summoned to a superior's office Sept. 6 and told that the office was upset about the Post article.

"I didn't even know an article had been written," she said. Reyes said she explained what had happened and later was called back to the supervisor's office and told that she was fired.

Reyes said the press policy doesn't bar her from speaking with the media.

"The policy says if it's a controversial issue or a special issue, it needs to be forwarded on to someone else," she said. "Just talking to the media doesn't violate it, as I read it. ... Karl Rove didn't come up. It wasn't something you could classify as controversial."

She said she sent a certified letter Friday asking that the matter be reconsidered.”

30 year old Elizabeth Reyes, A lawyer with the Texas Secretary of State's Office was fired after she spoke to a reporter about presidential adviser Karl Rove's eligibility to vote in the state, said she was dismissed for violating the agency's media policy after she was quoted in a story last week by The Washington Post about tax deductions on Rove's homes in Washington and Texas.
A change in the law made the D.C. homestead deduction available only to District property owners who do not vote elsewhere. Karl Rove is registered to vote in Texas.
A change in the law made the D.C. homestead deduction
available only to District property owners who do not vote
elsewhere. Karl Rove is registered to vote in Texas.

Scott Haywood, a spokesman for Texas Secretary of State Roger Williams, confirmed Reyes' firing but wouldn't discuss specifics. He earlier told The Post that Reyes "was not authorized to speak on behalf of the agency."

Reyes told The Post on Friday that a higher-up told her that her bosses were upset about the article. Williams has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Republicans, including President Bush, who relies heavily on Rove for political strategy.

While Reyes said she didn't know she was talking to a reporter, she said the press policy doesn't bar her from speaking with the media.

Elizabeth Reyes reported that Rove inadvertently received a homestead tax deduction on his home in Washington, though he had not been eligible for the benefit for more than three years. Rove was eligible for the deduction when he bought the home in 2001, but a change in the tax law in 2002 made the deduction available only to property owners who do not vote elsewhere. Rove is registered to vote in Texas.

The tax office admitted the mistake, saying it failed to rescind the deduction, and Rove agreed to reimburse the city an estimated $3,400 in back taxes, The Post reported.

Bush calls for expanding Federal authority

September 16, 2005

Top Traitor Karl Rove's salute to the many dead and maimed American Troops he sent to Iraq
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Bush administration mishandling of pre-war intelligence
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States "rights" battle unfolding.

In an address to the nation on Thursday, President Bush laid out a sweeping set of initiatives to aid the rebuilding effort of the gulf region and called for an investigation into what went wrong in the disaster and how better to respond in the future.

Following a list of economic stimulus programs designed to aid small businesses and individuals, the president called for something sure to draw fierce debate, a broadening of Federal power to declare martial law.

"It is now clear that a challenge on this scale requires greater federal authority and a broader role for the armed forces – the institution of our government most capable of massive logistical operations on a moment’s notice."

This follows on the heels of the Bush administration's failed effort to have Louisiana governor Kathleen Blanco sign documents allowing Bush to invoke the Insurrection Act during the height of the crisis in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Current law prevents regular military troops from law enforcement except in the case of insurrection against the state if that state has lost the ability to maintain order. Loosening of this restriction, and whatever else is contemplated in the president's statement, would mean a fundamental shift in the current balance of power between the Federal and State governments.

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IMO:The traitor and presidential adviser Karl Rove should be the first among the Administration's Benedict Arnolds to go to the Fort Leavenworth Federal Prison and be summarily executed for treason;
Followed by Robert Novak.

Oh and fear the traitor Karl Rove now as the GOP is trying to revamp his uncaring fatcat quisling image as he starts to manage the pork:

Karl Rove places in charge of Katrina reconstruction

- (WikiNews story in development) refers to


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