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Friday, September 16, 2005


C'mon, you all know that the hottest looking furburger in Robert Rodriguez's adaptation of Frank Miller's Sin City wasn't Jaime King, Rosario Dawson, Brittney Murphy or Alexis Bledel. Even Jessica Alba wasn't all that hyped.

When it all comes down to hands down brass knuckled honesty - hoochie koochie mama Carla Gugino took away all honors. When she first appears on the screen, as Mickey Rourke's Marv parole officer Lucille all naked in silhouette, the PP Guru nearly bursted a vein in his pulsatron pelvis and had to be escorted by paramedics after his tub of buttery sunflower oiled popcorn exploded.

The PP Guru's first exposure to Carla was when she starred in the short lived US Karen Sisco series that was loosely inspired by a Elmore Leonard novel on a tough but tender female US Federal Marshall. The ABC-TV series didn't last for very long and was cancelled just a handful of episodes were set to air. The PP Guru feels that series should be DVD deputized for prosperity.

Now Carla is given another shot at tv stardom - (not that she really needs it- she's already immortalized as the spy kid mom in the series of Robert Rodriguez's Spy Kids movies) starring as the female lead in tonight's series premiere of Threshold - a new science fiction adventure (a whole new slew of genre series are making their debuts all this and new week- including Supernatural, Invasion, Ghost Whisperer, Surface and Night Stalker) debuting on most of your CBS stations (9 PM Est/Pac 8 PM Cen) that has Gugino as a risk analyst who puts her team of eccentric genuises to make first contact with a alien race. The series also stars "Roc" Charles S. Dutton and Brent Spiner (ST:NG's Data).

The PP Guru is definitely tuning in - with a fresh bottle of Jurgen's and a full box of Kleenex's by his side. Hey. who says that network television isn't arousing. There are more beauties to plunder this new Fall TV season and the PP Guru will talk about more of them next week... Rub a dub dub magic genie potion.

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