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When purple things are pulsating on your mind, I'm the one whose clock you want to clean. Aiding is Sparky, the Astral Plane Zen Pup Dog from his mountain stronghold on the Northernmost Island of the Happy Ninja Island chain, this blog will also act as a journal to my wacky antics at an entertainment company and the progress of my self published comic book, The Deposit Man which only appears when I damn well feel like it. Real Soon Now.

Friday, November 18, 2005


The PP Guru is still alive and well, even though he's feeling disoriented and trapped in the blogsphere of limbo. He's still looking for a meanful gain of employment and a salary that he knows will pay the bill and rent on time.

The Deposit Man is still around. There are still four books to produce and publish and mayhaps a daily online strip in the works. All four books have been written and the scripts are just lying around for Larry Nadolsky to illustrate. 10 or 11 pages of the first act of Playgod have been drawn and inked, it's just that the PP Guru hasn't had the pages delivered to him yet. The book will probably return in some new formated capacity in time for the next APE convention.

The above image is a possible ad campaign The PP Guru wants to launch to advertise the new mini-series. He's thinking of placing it in the pages of Comic Buyer's Guide or the Comics Journal. Ever since the CBG has gone into a monthly format- the advertising rates have skyrocketed through the roof - It cost something like five hundred and change to put a a half page ad in it. Also, it would make for a snazzy looking t-shirt or a new ashcan cover.

The PP Guru had a health scare a couple of weeks ago - but he's mended and back in the arena pit of action. He got in a fight with his *ahem* film star neighbor Rikki two weeks ago, but he's patched things up and he's been behaving nicely towards her now that she's almost endangered her own well being. He'll be writing this as the next installment of Peyote Place.

Flowers are the answers to everything.

Taking garbage out and washing dishes helps smooth things over.

Life is on pause for the foreseeable future- until the calls start rushing in. A little ebony and ivory serenading theraphy is in order.

Thanksgiving, Las Vegas style in a week.



Sparky can only tease you with this image for Friday Femme Fatale -


  • At 4:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Isn't the Depositman supposed to look like John John?

    And why isn't he fighting the evil Bush Monster?

  • At 12:32 PM , Blogger Coat said...

    Ok -

    Who is this fucking with my head?

    In answer to your second question - yes I do have a plot in mind that has the Deposit Man matching Nazi oil swindling wits with Preston Bush, in case you're interested.




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