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Monday, December 12, 2005

Sparky: Imagine
Little Israeli girl singer Liel sings “Imagine” with President Clinton and 80 other kids ...

I'll remind people what kind of lying chicken hawk scum Bush is soon.

Liel (Hebrew: ????) is a 16-year-old singer from Israel. She is especially famous in Europe, specifically Germany. In November 2005 she was confirmed as one of the six members of the group Six4one, who will represent Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006.

She has performed with Bill Clinton, Scorpions, Elton John, Bono, Richard Gere, and others.

Six4one is a six-piece musical group who were constructed in November 2005 for the sole purpose is representing Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006. The group is made up of six individuals who were chosen at a casting session, which took place from November 25-27 2005. The group was not created as a manufactured band, but to be "six strong voices" who could collaborate together on one occasion for the contest alone.

Producer Ralph Siegel, along with the Swiss national broadcaster whose decision it was to go with such a method, chose the six from an undisclosed number of auditionees. The eventual six who were chosen include Andreas Lundstedt of Alcazar fame, and Claudia D'Addio who is the only Swiss-born member of the group, and a former participant in the music-based reality show MusicStars.

Six4one are guaranteed a place in the Eurovision final, thanks to Vanilla Ninja's 8th place the year previous. No information regarding the musical genre or song which Six4one will be performing has yet been released.

The members


Damn shrub lying to good people he thinks are dumb. - Sparky


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