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Friday, January 27, 2006

A little interlude stepping into a slide zone---PP Guru

Originally uploaded by Scary Cary.
One of the outtakes from the PP Guru's trip to New Mexico. This was taken at the the grandmother to PP Guru's Cousin's (second to the left) house in Aztec, New Mexico. Believe the PP Guru when he says it's in the middle of blasted nowheresville. But let it not be said, that's a nowheresville with very rich prospects. You see, the land on which the PP Guru's cousin's grandmother (who has no relation whatsoever to the PP Guru) house resides is worth a cool net 3 million frosties (that's in Wendy's currency)in oil and natural gas.

So the PP Guru's cousin is set for life (and where does that leave the PP Guru? Nothing but 16 grand in credit card debt, that's what). But once the old biddie kicks the bucket, then's it playtime in a hopeful contention that the PP Guru will use the inheritance to build a sprawling state of the art recording studio on the property.

Deadlines are closing in fast. Faithful Russian companion, Irina wants to come out to America right away. The PP Guru gets some temporary employment and the Ahem Film Star Neighbor is still in her lightbulb chewing Fleeting World of Reclusion in the confined wide open spaces of Peyote Place.

More developments as they...uhm, developed.




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