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Monday, November 10, 2008

SPARKY: This is important!
We have a great president-elect but we've folks whose rights got shorted by evil fundies.

10:30AM West Coast
11:30AM Mountain12:30PM Central1:30PM East Coast

Tuesday night was a bitter-sweet celebration. We came together to witness the first black man who will become our president, yet watched in sadness as Florida, Arizona, Arkansas, and California all voted down equal rights for all citizens.

This is not a 4 state issue. This is an issue of equality across America. Stand up and make your voice heard. Visit the main to learn more.

Protest Organizers: Find your city's page and fill out info about where, when, and other exciting details.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! Now is your chance to be a "community organizer"! We need 3 or 4 dedicated volunteers in each town to contact the clubs and organizations in your area and to print/distribute flyers to get a turnout in your town.

Add a link to this page as your Facebook Status
Home - Join the Impact: Find Your City

Cities in EVERY state in America. Click your state to learn more.

AlabamaIndianaNebraska South Carolina
AlaskaIowaNevadaSouth Dakota
ArizonaKansas New HampshireTennessee
ArkansasKentuckyNew JerseyTexas
CaliforniaLouisianaNew MexicoUtah
ColoradoMaineNew YorkVermont
ConnecticutMarylandNorth Carolina Virginia
DelawareMassachusettsNorth Dakota Washington
FloridaMichigan OhioWashington DC
GeorgiaMinnesotaOklahomaWest Virginia
HawaiiMississippiOregon Wisconsin
IdahoMissouri PennsylvaniaWyoming
IllinoisMontanaRhode Island
City: Los Angeles
: F.A.I.R.
Contact info
Facebook page
Getting There via Transit:
Metro Red/Purple Line subway, Civic Center Station
Supporting Organizations:
Please contact us if you want to help volunteer on Saturday!
Address & Map:
City Hall: 200 N. Spring St. Los Angeles, CA


Welcome to F.A.I.R. (Freedom - Action - Inclusion - Rights)! This group was initiated by the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center at a Young Activists Forum held November 8th, 2008. Managers of this Google Group are young Los Angeles-based activists who are dedicated to taking the fight for equal rights from the Streets to Strategy following the passage of Proposition 8 in California. Our primary focus is to disseminate information and form a strategic plan for the future of this Civil Rights movement. We hope F.A.I.R. will become a model for others in California and the rest of the USA.

Through this group, we hope to hear your input on how this movement should proceed. We will also post important information and event notices related to LGBT civil rights. Please share your suggestions and get involved!

You may also find more information regarding F.A.I.R. at Please share with your friends and family who might be interested. Thank you again for your support and check back often for updates!


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Okay? Why isn't Novak in prison for treason? Someone tell me.


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