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Thursday, September 18, 2003


Just spent the last hour scouring the Ain't It Cool News messageboards as to what the consensus is towards Keanu Reeves playing John Constantine- it appears that a lot of British are very, very pissed off that he is being protrayed as an American in the upcoming movie, other than that, nobody really cares. The reason why I'm monitoring Harry Knowles' grammar impaired bunch of flaming hooligans is because I want to spot any spies seen lurking on the set when I case the joint out and maybe rat out on them to security.

I don't like the fact that Harry Knowles considers himself a journalist- reading his posts on his website gives me a fucking headache- for one thing, he spoils major plot threads in movies before they are months away from being released. He inspires this whacked out loyalty amongst his brethren when they sneak into private screenings and come back posting negative commentary that could damage or hamper a movie's success and they are done with such vulgar malice lacking any serious integrity whatsoever when they're posted online rifted with poor punctuation and spelling errors. It also upsets me to see people who post on the website messageboards to be equally obnoxious in throwing insults at each other and try to outwit each other's slurs over such tedious non-issues.

Anyway, I don't want go off on rant.

The important thing about today's entry is that I want to point out that when I go lurking down on the studio lot I want to put into clarification a few things to anyone in the entertainment industry who may be reading this (especially my employers), a sort of a disclaimer so I don't get into any legal trouble-

A) : I don't mention the name of the company that I do work for on this blog (even though it's blatantly obvious)

B) I don't disclose budget costs that I'm privy to- except for estimations to simply drive home the point, say such as hundreds of dollars, or thousands of dollars just to get the general idea across of what expenitures go into making a big budget movie.

C) I don't reveal details of the plot or script- I'm merely there strictly to make assiduous observations and form my own opinions of how close I think the movie will stick to the original comic book premise, because I've been there ever since John Constantine was a little baby when he made his first appearance in Saga of the Swamp Thing # 37, and I'd hate to bear witness to any unnecessary screw-ups.

D) Restrain myself from acting like an asshololic around cast and crew that I see going in and out of the stage entrance and ask permission to make any personal observations of the set or shoot.

E) Have my security clearance showing at all times, in fact, I'll probably be wearing it tied around my neck. I've been poking my nose in all kinds of stages and I find that none of the guards really bother me too much if my badge is prominently displayed on my person. I bought a special badge holder from the company store for when I went down to San Diego, because those pin to your shirt badges they had you wear at the convention had the tendency to pop off on occasion, so with this strapped around my neck, I have less worries.

The reason why I wrote the above is because during work today, I became a little bit paranoid after a e-mail I sent to my brother through my aol work account came back as undeliverable and on that e-mail was the link to this blog and the fact that I was making journal entries about Constantine and Catwoman (BTW It was mentioned in Hollywood Reporter today that Benjamin Bratt will be co-starring as the Catwoman's love interest and that the movie will start lensing on September 29th) on it. Maybe that wasn't such a wise idea.

I wanted to touch briefly on movie codas - they seem to be the hottest new thing going nowadays in the motion picture industry . It seems the interest is suddenly increasingly popular because tof hose Easter Eggs that they hide on DVDs - so in my observation, there has to be a little extra incentive thrown in for those who strictly see movies in theaters - the studios are trying to entice people to sit through 5 to 7 minutes of closing credits just to see a final scene before the screen fades to black. I've noticed this to be the case when I saw two movies over the weekend to utilize this technique, Once Upon a Time in Mexico and Cabin Fever. They both had half minute final trailers attached to it. I heard Hollywood Reporter did this as a cover feature and I want to discuss more about it, because I think this could be an exciting trend- once I get my hands on the article.

In more Deposit Man news: Last night, I finished my final draft of the page 30 essay or listless meananderings, pick or choose. The title is 'Lost Again in the Ghetto of Beautiful Things' as a tribute to a singer/songwriter Kevin Gilbert, a brilliantly talented individual of whom I had the pleasure of meeting shortly before his passing. Kevin was one half of the pop progessive rock duo, Toy Matinee (the other being one time Madonna collaborator, Patrick Leonard) as well as leader of Giraffe, and the producer of the very first Spock's Beard album. Kevin was also in the final stretches of auditioning to be the replacement singer for Phil Collins in Genesis amongst other things. There was a major female pop singer that Kevin once bent over backwards for...but it's uncomfortable to go into here- but yeah, I'm at a crossroads on whether I should dedicate the new book to my one time roommate who was done in by a heart attack at the age of 31 or Kevin. But the good news is, all I have left to do is write a title page with the list of credits and make up some goofy little indicia and I'm basically done with the writing portion of the book- now all I have left to do is instruct Oliver with the layouts of the pages that I want done and coordinate what needs to be done with ad space. And then he downloads it to disc and off to Brenner it will go. Brenner quoted me $ 1260 for a thousand print run. Man, it's going to be hard to come up with that dough in two to three weeks....

Underworld opens tomorrow from Screen Gems (don't be fooled, it's Sony/Columbia Pictures in disguise) Vampires and Werewolves galore. So much publicity behind this is that it's forced Nancy A. Collins (who used to be a worthy successor to Alan Moore's version of Swamp Thing once Alan and Rick Veitch were off the book) to come out of retirement and sue the pants off the producers for claiming that they plagurized the entire idea from her Vampire: Masquerade gaming books and novels. Whatever. Who has an original idea in Hollywood these days?

Cold Creek Manor- Touchstone Pictures. Sharon Stone. Takes place in a haunted house where Eddie Murphy won't be showing up for a while. That's all I know.

Last but not least- I have so much fun with my off the wall comments at work relating to social issues and current events. One of my supervisors gives me a ride to the bus stop and somehow the conversation we were having touch briefly on the subject of these high school kids who were victims of a drive by a gangbanger shooting at a bus stop near the school campus. I mentioned the fact that since this shooting took place at a affluent neighborhood that is populated by movie entertainers and people of high profile professions such as lawyers and doctors that the manhunt for these savages will be more intensified because of where they committed the crime. I'm sure word will spread throughout the whole department like wildfire that I uttered these comments. I expect heavy rebuttals and incessant pointless bickering throughout tomorrow's workday.




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