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Tuesday, September 16, 2003


Got a lot of stuff on Constantine today- but first how fucking freaky was it that the now late great late 70's pratfalling pantysniffer, John Ritter shifted off this mortal coil at the very same time I was sitting through an employee screening of Matchstick Men? And it was all going down less than a mile from me. Not only Ritter, but we got the famous triple scoop to the afterlife once again with Warren Zevon and Johnny Cash- although I wasn't a rabid fan of both- I held strong admiration in equal measure for their diversive talents. In retrospect, I still hold very vivid memories of Cash's variety show that was once carried on ABC in the early seventies as the only country music that was and still is tolerable to me to this very day.

I mean, the guy sang songs frothing at the mouth for ten minutes or more about staging epic battles with demons and devils, how could one not fucking get immersed in that kind of experimental shit? In fact, I'd be very much disappointed if Constantine director, Francis Lawrence didn't pay tribute to the legendary Man in Black in the film's soundtrack, not that I understand that his background was as a music video director.

Some bills have come floating in concerning the Constantine movie. Metal shop had 3 bed frames welded together. And invoice for Signs has come in for engraved name tags to be placed on all the cast and crew's trailers. Make up has several hundred dollars worth of cosmetics charged as well as a thousand or so worth of hair care products, and I suspect even more will be making their way soon.

Passing by some of the big soundstages that they will be utilizing soon- official lensing begins early next week, I couldn't help but notice that one strange trailer with the words written in bold magic marker " POSSESSED GIRL" which stood out like the proverbial bewitched sore thumb was parked right next to the cast and crew trailers belonging to 'All About the Andersons'. I wonder what the cast of Gilmour Girls thinks of all this- they're practically neighbors also.

Another billing invoice I had to handle of late belonged to the upcoming Artisan production of the Punisher which is targeted for next summer with John Travolta co-starring as the heavy once again. Our metal shop had manufactered two metal sinks for them and shipped them off to their production office in Tampa Bay, Florida - now which begs the question, who the fuck opens a production office in Tampa Bay. Florida? Fucking sharks who can't keep their shit together in Hollywood, that's who?

It's with deep regret that I inform you all that Catwoman will be shooting at the end of this month up in 'freeze your nuts off' Vancouver - and so my lustful dreams of seeing Halle Berry strutting around in a skintight Cat outfit are forever dashed to forever in my lustful imagination purgatory once again.

New release of notable worth are David Bowie's new Reality which I believe is on EMI records or Capitol and Sony releases the Adam Sandler/Jack Nicholson, sometimes sappy in some places epic comedy tour de force Anger Management through Sony/Columbia.

Jake 2.0 could use some improvement- but it does have the potential to be something good provided that Enterprise doesn't wind up as a fuck up this season- and I see some good changes have been implemented by putting Jolene Bullock in a different variety of T & A hugging outfits and maybe that could be forgiven for the half witted plots and scripts that has done nothing but make all previous Star Trek continuity look like 4000 light years of bad road.

After I log off here, it's straight to 'the essay for the new Deposit Man book and how can I lacerate this to make it make perfect sense to the outside world' for the umpteenth time?

More on Thursday.




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