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Wednesday, August 27, 2003


Trying to get a handle on all this nuttiness.

I've noticed that time after time that everytime I have something plan, like say a trip or something- it's always sheer pandemonium getting from Point A to Point B.

Work gets affected. It never fails. Everytime something is set in concrete- a whole barrage of paper work comes crashing in at exactly the last second- and here I was sitting on my desk all last week with hardly jackshit to do, and I simply just sat here looking up websites and goofing off on message boards. Why couldn't that week be this this week? No pressure. No worries. There has to be a retainable answer as to how the fates deal this hand.

Part of this trip to Vegas- is to seek a different work environment. Oliver is doing a stupendous job on the lettering and with this fuel in mind, I want to do the final edit of what actually will be seen in the word balloons- 'cause it's great that Oliver is putting some great accentuations in the dialogue itself- of which I've never dreamt would be possible. It's a whole new dimension of perspective for me as what is evident on the three sample pages he sent by mail.

MAS called me after eleven last night and was uncertain if I would approve the Deposit Man having his trenchcoat a little darker color than I pictured. I told him,
'Dude- do what you want- you have free reign over the material just as long as you don't deviate from the original concept. He says I'm too easy to work with- I retorted- dude, even if the piece does looks like a turd poking it's head out, I'll have no choice but to accept it- due to time constraints. We also debated on the pros and cons of Frank Miller's DK2 until I had to cut him short so I could go to bed and get up the next morning

Well- tomorrow I'll have to send in my second payment in order to secure that table at the Las Vegas Comic Con.

I watched a real cornball British show last night. Just as I thought it couldn't get any worse than Doctor Who or Blake's 7- I picked up a tape set of Sphafire and Steel for 4 bucks at the Shrine- just something used in 1981 to keep David McCullum and Joanna Lumley from collecting unemployment checks, so they had to resort to portraying elemental time travellers from...

well, maybe more tomorrow...




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