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Friday, August 29, 2003


Harlan really packed them in last night at his THE CONTINUING ADVENTURES OF 'Vic & Blood' signing at the new Barnes & Nobles store located at the Farmer's Market. He spoke at length for about an hour and a half about various things- mostly it was a Q & A- but the way Harlan circumvents around getting to an answer is simply staggering - cause he branches off into many seperate stories to explain every nuance of the main story and then somehow verbally ties it all together and it' absolutely riveting.

Anyway to make this short because I'm about due to leave in a hour and half flight to Vegas- with someone of Ellison's stature and talent- it's nice when he gets the recognition that he so richly deserves such as the media coverage on this new and not so new 'graphic novel' (as he mildly puts it - 'they're just fucking comic books for cripessakes, we don't need this fancy schmancy catagory for these things.). The book has been the pick of the week on Entertainment Weekly and has mentioned on Extra and Entertainment Tonight- so Harlan's on a high right now. But yet- there have been few signings where maybe there were a total of ten people who showed up- such as a Tower Records signing he did for a computer game. So whenever exposure happens in his favor- boom- all these book collectors come out of the woodwork and persist on bringing twenty or so books to sign- and that just slays me. I've got to wait at least 45 minutes to an hour and I'm like the tenth person in line. I already bought my book through my comic book shop and I'm just there to get his signature on it. But these pariahs, these old book sellers or collectors or whatever, have to plunk down these 'unearthed' rare editions in front of him to sign and have to make 'small talk' with the guy and I've got to get home packing for my trip to Vegas.
And on top of that, they want them all personized and little messages- well you know Harlan usually says about it- he doesn't write anything for free and a signature from him is a priviledge. You buy a book, not his personification- I wish these people would get a clue or something.

Oh well, whatever- I'm in rush to get out of here.




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