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When purple things are pulsating on your mind, I'm the one whose clock you want to clean. Aiding is Sparky, the Astral Plane Zen Pup Dog from his mountain stronghold on the Northernmost Island of the Happy Ninja Island chain, this blog will also act as a journal to my wacky antics at an entertainment company and the progress of my self published comic book, The Deposit Man which only appears when I damn well feel like it. Real Soon Now.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


See what happens when I slave and cook for you people?
Issue 3 front cover

This is the cover image to THE DEPOSIT MAN & THE LAST GREAT GATE OF MORTALITY -ACT III. Story is by me, Pencils and inks by Larry Nadolsky, Oliver Simonsen on book design, lettering, and edits, Masekela Polee provided the water colored and acyrlic cover, and Alan Sinder is the tech guy responsible for previewing these images for you.

And you better have the good sense to appreciate it! All you good little girls and boys will be getting a six page sneak peek under my nightie starting next week.

Brenner Printing informs me that I will have the finished product delivered to me on March 28th and I will be premiering the new book at the Alternative Press Expo taking place April 9 & 10th at the Concourse in San Francisco.

So what's next in the Deposit Man publishing biz? I'll let you know in a few posts.




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