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Monday, March 28, 2005


This is going to be a new feature on this blog. Just mere mentions of things that burden my mind when I don't have much to say or the time dedicated to say it.

First things first: I want to make it clear- that I don't really want anyone under the age of eighteen to be reading this blog. I will be posting the first six pages of my new book and I want to make it abundantly clear that the book is of adult nature -- it was written for adults and all you're going to accomplish is nothing short of pissing me off if I get some kind of death threat in my mailbox in the guise of a permission slip from somebody's parents. If you want the latest in teenage debauchery, go check your local Suzie Suckjob blog that the class slut likes to put up in her spare time. Don't go whining your depressing adolscent insecurities to me. I'm not here to be your fucking mentor or guide you in some inspiring direction.

My weekend was relaxing, I spent much trying to catch up on dvds and hanging out with my old roomie/former Deposit Man editor Becky with her family on Easter -- her daughter, Olivia and I had a intense kickball session at the park across from their place.

Last time I was out in Vegas celebrating my birthday with my dad and the remnants of what exists of the Coatney clan out there, my dad bought me a few dvds of like fifty old wretched sci-fi films such as Santa Claus Conquers the Maritians or Teen Agers from Outer Space for a gift- stuff I'm trying to block out from my childhood memories. I mostly watch these on a late Saturday night or Sunday now that that I'm keeping my snatch searching days down to a bare mininium ( my current digs are not, what I would say, chic impressive), but now nearly half way through the set, I find that are a few gems that warrant mention and they happen to be:
Do you like Gladiator movies Timmy?

The Hercules movies.

Which is kinda funny, 'cause as a commotion causing cherub, I never had the interest to sit down and watch them. I watched two over the past weekend, Hercules Vs the Moonmen & Hercules & the Captive Women . The films were originally made in Italy and Spain and are dubbed horribly, but holy shit, if the effects aren't too shabby for it's day (I believe late fifties or early sixties) In the latter, you have Hercules causing the end of Atlantis, throwing boulders and knocking off Centurion soldiers off their horses, and pummeling the shit out of monsters. Scores and scores of people or innocent bystanders wind up nothing short of being eviscerated at the end of these movies. And that's a big plus in my book. I've got like another six Hercules flicks to go that are included in this collection. It's almost like filling in a missing void of my upbringing.

What is it with fucking Marvel? In the past, they've done a heap load of comics dealing with religious icons and idealogy- everything from Jesus to the pope to Greenberg the Vampire, now they're going to shove super-hero theology down our comic book geek reading throats?

Last week amongst the batches of the new releases was the first chapter of the new Daredevil story arch: Decalogue.

the order

Which looks as if the book's creative team of Bendis and Maleev was snatched by the clutches of the Bush Twirly Bird Christian Crank Jobs and are now trying to ween the audience of us little beggers to join in happily on the congregation express.

If you don't believe me that something fishy is going on here- check out the covers to the next two issues:

i've got nuttin
i still have got nuttin

Y'know I had this problem before with Marvel- which I voiced my compliant in the Oh So section of Comics Buyer's Guide when the producers of the old Fox X-Men animated show tried to invoke the subject of Christianity to jump start the minds pf the unimpressionable young viewers to embrace Nightcrawler as a monk or a saint. I see someone still hasn't learned their lesson.

Anyway, last but not least, I'm looking for guest bloggers. It seems that work at the studio is going to get a little bit more hectic- so I have Sparky here contributing his political observations which blows the water out of mine along with anything that tickles his fancy , so I don't mind if others reading this has anything important or something slightly interesting to say. So e-mail me with anything you want to try to put the spotlight on and who knows- maybe we'll a new trend such as blog sharing or swapping. I need to keep this blog active for the google listings, cause I' m such the attention whore.




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