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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

-Guest Blogger Sparky

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Ever listen to us older farts whine misty eyed about the coolness factor of the original THUNDER Agents? One reason it worked in 1968 it that it is real easy to impress 10 year boys with heroes and dinosaurs. The other reason is how much Wally Wood was on his game then. The last reason was one that seems hard to swallow for the panties and cape crowd but is real simple: No superheroes existed in that 'more real comic book universe!' I'm not afraid of the oxymoron in the previous sentence.
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These heroes were hoaxing the public. And sometimes the gimicks failed. That hit home. No one wants to admit it but that's why it worked and remains golden in our memories. I can't talk to the other points I wanted to until I'm sure my talking won't screw up anything that could bring about a renaissance. This May - we'll see T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Companion come available with some of the best faux-Steranko art ever. Paul Gulacy should be the go-to guy for art on a new THUNDER agents series. TPTB argued differently. I've a good idea as to who should be writing the new books as well - but unfortunately I don't get to choose. If I did - I'd also use John Heebnik to do all the Dynamo stories.

If the rebirth get off the ground relies on writers and artists born after Wally Wood died. I have doubts here. I want this to be a big success. The whole thing hinges on getting through to the 10 year old inside of you.

Example 1 Example 2

If you are too adult for the comics of your youth - there's GLOBAL FREQUENCY: PLANET ABLAZE and GLOBAL FREQUENCY: DETONATION RADIO about folks not waiting for the Super Friends to save the day. Warren Ellis has been on top of his game for a while now. If you buy his graphic novels - you are in for a fun read.

Images are copyrighted by their owners. THUNDER Agents © John Carbonaro.
DepositMan is owned by Cary Coatney.

Here's something I'd like to sell Cary on:

The above is a mockup - but the story would involve the myths
some cherish ...

- Sparky -o&o-


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